Friday, April 19, 2013


Thanks to our friends at the Black Ocean facebook page
We have pics of the Mecha in action and a preview of the prototype stat cards..
Please note: the prototypes shown are metal minis and the game pieces that will be provided in the Kickstarter are going to be in Plastic.



Vitae Drinker said...

If you could give an explanation of the stat card, that would be fantastic. Thanks!

WilhelmRochRedDuke said...

Speed (SPD) – movement.
Gunnery (GN) – accuracy.
Defense (DF) – damage resistance.
Piloting (PIL) – performance.

All I can say for now..

styx said...

Are the cards laminated or can be so use a dry erase pen to mark things? I see "points" on the mecha like Battletech.

ek507 said...

Will all the models available via retail going to be plastic?