Friday, November 2, 2012

Get Ready.... It's Coming

From Palladium's new 2012 Catalog

Robotech® RPG Tactics:

Defense of Macross Island (Box Game)

Yes, you read that correctly. Palladium Books is preparing to release a tactical, mass combat game with 1/285th scale game pieces starting with the Macross Saga. To make this game and the game pieces everything Robotech® fans could want, Palladium will be working with a renowned group of developers and
some of the top sculptors in the business. The game and accessory sets of Robotech mecha and spaceships are in development right now, and should see a debut release this summer. We plan to do similar games and 1/285th scale game pieces for each era of Robotech® including The Masters Saga, New Generation and Shadow Chronicles. All to scale. All gorgeous. We will NEED your support to make this expansion of the RPG line and game pieces the masterpieces we want them to be. Please, keep your eyes open for more details and how you can help in January, 2013.

More info As I get it..