Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What a little paint can do

07-07-12 EDIT: All Pics were removed of the Prototypes from Paulson Games - removed by request from the owner of the pics (Jon Paulson)

So Robotech Miniatures sent off some of the Prototypes to Nottingham UK for a nice little paintjob.. And Oh what lovely trip it was.. The minis were painted.. Since pictures are worth a thousand words.. I can stop typing now. Go to!/WinterdyneCommissionModelling for a great miniature paintjob!!!

Also I wanted to post some info on a great group of gamers that are looking for some support. Gaming for a Cure. Check out their site and if your in Michigan go to thier event.
The Cherry Capitol Con is coming up real soon and we would like to invite everyone who attends to stop by our booth and see us.  We will have pamphlets and posters available for anyone who wants to help us spread the word that we have become the game event to attend in Northern Michigan.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Licensing and Moving Forward

Thanks Aris Kasiniodis for the great sign.

I have to say that there is a great feeling knowing that people support a project that you are working on.. It makes the late nights and all the effort worth it. Myself and Jon seem to be gaining a bit of a following.. (Mostly Jon due to the recent pictures of the painted prototypes). I hope that we can get a bit more people interested after Adepticon. Jon is there currently and will have some of the miniatures on display. (And there is a raffle) Go to Adepticon and check it out!!

Now why am I posting a disclaimer? It seems that many of the fans are asking about buying the miniatures and release dates and schedules and such.. Well We Have NO schedule as to when any game or miniatures can be released.. We cannot sell any miniatures or games at this point. If we try to make a dime off of any of this there will be legal action and you can probably say that the game or miniatures wouldn't be made. We are still early in the process of getting agreements and Licensing..We ask that everyone interested in this project be patient. Everything that we are currently doing is as fans of Robotech and to everyone legally involved we are doing this for our own enjoyment.

Aside from that I can say that things look Hopeful for the game and a line of miniatures and as of yesterday, Tommy Yune of Harmony Gold approached Jon to discuss the project a bit. Yesterday Jon posted on his Facebook page this bit of great news. RobotechMiniatures
I know that there is a lot of interest in the miniatures and want to thank everyone for showing their support. Your feedback is very helpful and the project has definately made an impact on the guys at Harmony Gold and Palladium.

I do want to remind everyone that nothing is being offered for sale. That can only occur if we get the proper liscensing in place and that may be quite a while. (and isn't for certain)

It does look positive as both companies are open to the idea, there is discussion going on but neither are officially commited yet. There's a lot of details to iron out which will take time.

As a fan I know I'd also want the models available immediately, but I do need to ask you guys to be patient. Tom and I are doing everything we can in order to get this out to the public but it's a very complicated thing to set up.

We'll continue to make updates available as we can :)
We so far have gotten feedback from Palladium and now Harmony Gold. They are open to the idea of proceeding. But everyone must remember that this is just the first step. There is a long process ahead of us before any deal gets on paper. I can only ask that people continue their support and we will try to keep everyone informed about whats going on. For all the people interested in seeing and playtesting the rules email me here and I'll get you a copy to review and test out. RobotechBattles(at)


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Playtesting Information

I've had quite a few people ask about playtesting the rules for Robotech Battles: Macross. So far I have had some amazing feedback. This feedback is essential to making a game that is fun to play and easy to understand. I have been staring at these rules now to the point where I'm getting blurry vision. I need someone else to look at them for a change. I want to personally thank Ben Parker for the wonderful insight and perspective that he has given me on the rules so far. His comments and many others will be given all due consideration. Keep up the great reviews guys and I'll try not to let you down, because from my experience this is a fun game with lots of scenematic elements that match the TV series quite well.
On the other side of the Games news:
I just want to get my Hands on some of the Robotech Miniatures prototypes from Paulson Games. The minis will not be available unless we get Licensing.  Keep your fingers crossed because these minis are damn sexy!

Lastly I wanted to add an example of gameplay from the Version 1.5 ruleset. It was brought to my attention that starting up a game and playing is a bit confusing. I wanted to clarify how to start and how damage was dealt. When I next update the rules, there will be some changes to adress clarity of rules and explain a bit more.
For example:
Typical 1 on 2 battle between an Excalibur/Tomahawk and 2 Zentraedi standard Battle Pods. The Tomahawk is in its Offensive turn. Note this turn would be about 10 seconds in real time..
We'll use the Tomahawk - here's the loadout
   Each Volley/Burst cost: 1 Action Point
   Laser Bursts: Blast cannon - Range 36 in. 1 shot strength 6 + 2D6 Damage 2 Shot per round
   Mid Range Missiles - Range 3 to 24 in. 2D6 Each Volley (2 Volleys per Round)

Phase 1: Determine Action Points -
Rdf Side has 2 action points for the player to use any time and the Macha has 3 = 5 to use each turn
Zentraedi have 2 points for the player and each pod has 2 only to use = 6 to use each turn
Phase 2: The Tomahawk moved 6 inches into position (about 14 inches away from the Battlepods) (Spent 1 action point1)
Phase 3: Make attack roll - Spend action point to make attack. So One Shot w/ Blast Cannon (in range and in Line of Sight) Against standard Battle Pod 14 inches away. So use the Ranged Stat to Hit = 4+ (rolla 4 or better to shoot effectively)
REACTION) Defender spends action point for defensive action Defender (Pod 1) calls a defensive action - Spends an action point for Boost (vs Lasers) so the attacker is now -1 to hit.
Compare modified roll to attack value. (Ranged Stat of 4+1 = 5)
Attacker needs a 5+ to Hit now. - Roll dice (rolls a 5) the shot hits the Battlepod!
On a successful hit, compare strength of attack to strength of target.
On to Damage - Blast Cannon Shot = 6+2D6  = Rolls 2 dice and get a 3 and a 4 = Damage total = 6+3+4 = 13 = 13 points of damage occur.
BattlePod = Strength 8 with 6 structure points...  13 - 8 = 6 these remaing points now get through the armor
to deal structure damage..
If the strength of attack is greater than the strength of the target apply remaining points to structure damage. Pods Structure points = 6 - 5points structural damage = 1 structure point remaining - Battlepod is still standing able to react.

Next action is to shoot a volley of mid range missiles at the same pod -
Mid Range Missiles are fired and 2d6 are rolled for = result is a 6 and a 3  = 9 missiles - missiles immediately move 12 inches towards the target.
The battlepod reacts with Chaff. (Battlepod has now used its 2 existing Action points and is now out of Action points for this turn) Note: each player has 2 Action points (plus 1 per Ace) that they may use during any 1 turn - So if you had to react again with that same battlepod you could use one of these points.

Battlepod uses Chaff - for missiles within 12 inches of the pod. He rolls a 5 and 5 missiles are shot out of the sky... remaining missiles = 9-5 = 4 (the missiles are 2 inches away from the pod)

Lets say the tomahawk uses its remaining actions on other shots and they all missed.
There is no Hand to hand and no conclusions.
End of Turn:

Zentraedi Battle pods Offensive turn:
1)All action points for both sides are replenished. All mecha gets their full allotment plus any rolled over points from leftovers. 1 Action points per mecha for only mecha that didn't use their full number of points last turn. Both Player gets their 2 points. Any SPENT action points from having aces are lost and do not get replenished.
2) movement - Missiles move first before mecha movement happens. SO
The 4 remaining missiles are now able to reach the battlepod that they were locked onto (they move their 2" to the target). The Battlepod elects to react to the threat and uses Chaff. he rolls a 2 and 2 missiles remain.. now we roll to see if the missiles hit. The pod cannot react because he had already used Chaff. All missiles hit on a 4+. The player that shot the missiles rolls for the 2 missiles to hit.. He rolls a 3 and a 2 both miss - The missiles can reacquire on a 4+ and the RDF player (now defender) rolls a 5 and a 6.  both missiles reacquire the same target. (missiles move 3 inches past the target turn 90 degrees and travel 3 inches then another 90 degrees for 3" - lastly they turn 90 degrees and their remaining move of 1 inch they are facing the target. Missiles travel their full movement of 12 inches.  (so they moved 2+3+3+3+1 and are facing the target 2 inches away) so they can reach the target next turn. In this case they are 2 inch from the Target mecha. The missiles resolve at the next turns movement phase.
Battle pod player can move as normal and do their normal turn now. Should the player move past the missiles path to behind the missiles then the missiles would auto miss and be removed from play ( The pods spends the action point to move and moves past the missiles path - the missiles now count as missed and are disregarded) The battlepod has 1 action point remaining.

OK, there is an example of one offensive turn and an example oh how missiles work in the game. This may seem a bit complex at first, but once you get a turn or two in the gameplay gets Very fast.. there is alot of room for options that a pilot can make and how to react to every situation. When you start to run out of options, then your mecha are in trouble..
Let me know what you think.. better yet, get a copy of the Robotech Battles:Macross rules and play a small game.

04-16-12 Edit: the missile movement was revised to accurately maneuver missiles during combat - Sorry for any confusion - do not try blogging at 1 AM - mistakes will happen. - Tom

07-07-12 EDIT: All Pics were removed of the Prototypes from Paulson Games - removed by request from the owner of the pics (Jon Paulson)

Saturday, April 7, 2012


existing no frills cover art..                                    

ROBOTECH BATTLES: MACROSS VERSION 1.5 is available for playtesting. please contact us here at Robotech Battles for the latest ruleset for playtest.

Contact us also if your interested in submitting artwork or services for the project. As you can see from the current cover It needs some work...

Contact us here at
Robotech Battles

Friday, April 6, 2012

NO MORE FREE DOWNLOADS - But wait there's More!

Ask for version 1.5 - Robotech Battles: Macross

Ok here we are and there are quite a few things on the horizon for people who want to see the miniatures in person.

First there is Adepticon. Jon Paulson of Paulson Games will be at Adepticon April 19th to the 21st and showing off the prototypes of the miniatures at his table. He has gotten Adepticon confirmation and will be running events each night 6-10pm Thur-Sat. Located in the Jr Ball room Foyer. (The thurs event may be in a differant room). He will be using his Combat system rules from the MSIA game system. Go check out the miniatures in action.
Adepticon's website Link

Palladium Books will be hosting their annual Open House May 4th to the 6th. The Palladium Crew will be hosting a roleplaying weekend. There will be a copy of the Latest Robotech Battles Ruleset to review and check out.
3DAY-Palladium-Open-House-Weekend link

On to the Big News.

After discussing the state of affairs with the Guys at Palladium Books it was decided that the easy access rules that people have downloading up to this point will be taken down from the site. I do not want to discourage anyone from still using those rules to playtest. But Moving forward it is imperative that we here at Robotech Battles put forth a good image to the folks at Harmony Gold. These are the people that hold the Licensing and approvals that we desperately need.
SO.. MOVING FORWARD THE PLAYTESTING RULES ARE ONLY AVAILABLE TO PEOPLE WHO CONTACT US HERE DIRECTLY. Sorry for the inconvienience, but we will still have the rules available for playtesting and the additional material such as paper figs will still be free to download.
The contact email is: RobotechBattles {AT}

So contact us and we will make sure you get a copy of the latest rules for playtesting. But if you see this as a good thing, it means that we are being taken seriously and there is a real chance that this game WILL happen. I have contacted Chris over at The Black Ocean to turn off the hosting of the rules there as well. (thanks Chris)

On to the Bigger news:
Since the game system will be set in a 1/285 scale the old 1/144 scale paper figs have been removed. They will be replaced with proper scale papre figs (hopefully this weekend).Once the new files are up grab some 40mm bases and get to playing.

On to the Best news - Version 1.5 of the Robotech Battles: Macross  rules will be available (via email) this weekend. The new set will include revised elevation rules, a new rule mechanic for a pilots resolve during combat, the stats for the Excalibur, and updated army list creation rules.

Whew Too Busy!!