Friday, November 2, 2012

Get Ready.... It's Coming

From Palladium's new 2012 Catalog

Robotech® RPG Tactics:

Defense of Macross Island (Box Game)

Yes, you read that correctly. Palladium Books is preparing to release a tactical, mass combat game with 1/285th scale game pieces starting with the Macross Saga. To make this game and the game pieces everything Robotech® fans could want, Palladium will be working with a renowned group of developers and
some of the top sculptors in the business. The game and accessory sets of Robotech mecha and spaceships are in development right now, and should see a debut release this summer. We plan to do similar games and 1/285th scale game pieces for each era of Robotech® including The Masters Saga, New Generation and Shadow Chronicles. All to scale. All gorgeous. We will NEED your support to make this expansion of the RPG line and game pieces the masterpieces we want them to be. Please, keep your eyes open for more details and how you can help in January, 2013.

More info As I get it..

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Clearing the air...

This was the picture on my business cards....

Back in August of 2011, the initial "group that got the ball rolling" consisted of me, just me and my Robotech Battles Blog.. I found John Paulson of Paulson Games, when viewing some Robotech message boards and we discussed our separate current projects involving Robotech. His consisted of Miniatures and a game based of another game system and mine consisted of a Tabletop game created from scratch based entirely for the Robotech Universe. I had decided to call around to Harmony Gold and then Palladium check interest and to see what happened. Upon my initial discussion with Harmony Gold, I was instructed to approach Palladium. There was NOWHERE else that I could go to pitch the ideas that I had. The Robotech License is very limited. Paulson Games had called Palladium as well at around the same time which really piqued their interest. I had several discussions with Palladium and they soon approached Harmony Gold with the prospective projects consisting of Miniatures and games... There was a positive response but nothing definite.

Robotech Battles, Is not associated with the Robotech Miniatures Facebook page any longer or are we currently associated with any Macross or Robotech Pages currently out there. There is one exception which is the Robotech Battles Facebook page... (with its current 15 "likes"). facebook page : Robotech Battles

The original (now shut down) Robotech Miniatures Facebook page was created and run by John Paulson of Paulson Games to showcase some early prototype miniatures to get people talking. Early in the project we were going to work together to get a mutually beneficial project running and take it to Palladium for approval. We did. When this information made the Tabletop Gaming news there was a HUGE positive response. As I had stated above, Palladium Books, the current Robotech RPG licence holder decided to look into expanding their license as a result. As the project progressed Palladium made a business decision to not use Paulson Games (John Paulson) for the miniatures. At that time (June 2011), Paulson Games and his amazing prototype miniatures was no longer associated with the Palladium Game Miniatures and/or Game project. This was a business decision by Palladium and it was for business reasons that I cannot discuss.. Myself and Robotech Battles was and still is associated with the original Robotech Project which is now known as the Robotech® Tactical RPG project.

When this all happened back in June, there was a lot of misguided negativity shot at Palladium for their decision. I feel that these responses were a bit premature and there was alot of big picture to look at. Well there are many positive things happening with the project and you can follow snippets from Kevin Sembieda on the Robotech® Tactical RPG project. (as it's now being called). The big picture will hopefully be revealed as things progress.

Robotech Battles, was created to get a tabletop game started, plain and simple.. Miniatures were a second place item which Paulson Games agreed to try to fill.. The decisions that were made in June cut the miniatures side of things out of that agreement. Based upon my discussions with him, John decided that he would still pursue Miniatures for Robotech/Macross. The Second Facebook page, Macross Minis was created at that time to see if there was interest by the Foreign Macross licencees to start a miniatures line. All of this is no longer associated with Palladium, Robotech Battles or the US project that is currently being worked on. I have no knowledge of the status of the Macross Minis project or if it is still a viable project. I wish John well with it if he is still pursuing it. He has some great alternative miniatures and items available.

Paulson Games had a very big hand in getting as many people talking about creating Robotech miniatures and a tabletop game. I couldn't be more thankful for the Help he gave to get the word out.

Currently, there is alot of negativity concerning a Macross only era game or minis. I wouldn't like a limited scope like that either. Whether people know it or not. I have been listening and voicing the concerns of the readers such as yourselves. I can bend an ear or two, so I have stated to the powers that are making the decisions some of these concerns. There are plans to do all eras of the Robotech Universe. Whether they see the light of day is still being discussed. Have some faith that this is a worthwhile project and the fans will be impressed. But ultimately it comes down to the fans. The fans want all the mecha and all the wars represented and they want everything to happen yesterday. SOOOO... Step up give support and tell palladium and Harmony Gold what you want to see. I'm only one person and I want to see all the mecha and wars fleshed out.

Palladium is not the bad guy everyone thinks. Upon looking behind the curtain and hearing about some of the inner working of the business. They are trying to do things the right way and are doing things to the best of their ability to bring out new Robotech material and books in a timely manner. Nobody else could do any better in my opinion.

Currently, I hope that I can be involved with the next stage of the project. My fate with the project is still yet to be determined. Stay Tuned.
Tom Roache

Friday, September 28, 2012

Progress and Who is the Big Name in Game Design

Things are moving now!

Palladium announced that they are working to Nail down agreements with a big name Game design Company for the Robotech Tactical Role-Playing Game. So who do you think is the possible Big Name game designer? Who would be crazy enough to do a full line (in the same scale) of Miniatures.. er uhm sorry  "Game pieces"... I can't say... I want to, but I signed stuff.. Stay tuned to see if Robotech Battles will be part of this endeavor. Since I started this whole mess.. I want to be on the front lines to see it through.. What do you think?

Here is the latest on the game system. Direct from Kevin S.
This week has been jumping with activity on this front as Palladium works to nail down a formal agreement with the force we want behind the design of the game, packaging and sculpting. Emails and telephone calls have been flying, I have a draft agreement to review tonight, and follow-up calls to make tomorrow with this group as well as Harmony Gold. It is an adrenaline rush that should result in products that will wow and delight Robotech® fans of every stripe. Starting with plans to bring you more RPG products and gorgeous 1/285th game pieces for all eras of Robotech®.
Here is the full link to the update:

My Commentary:

   and Yes he said ALL ERAS OF ROBOTECH!!! So Trolls, stop with all the negativity on Palladium. People actually read the comments you write. (I would prefer to read the truth over fantasy..) On some of the boards I've seen a great amount of negativity towards Harmony Gold, Palladium Books and previous Robotech IP projects. This endeavor is NOTHING like what has been attempted before. You can't judge this project from other projects in the past..This is a whole new universe.
The scope of the project:
Minis: (or Game pieces). If the miniatures are anything like the prototypes that Paulson Games created, There are going to be some happy fans.. With the buzz that I'm hearing is realized then the miniatures that we'll get will be better!
The Game system: This project is not aimed at just Role-Players either. When I started the ball rolling with my initial project, I was looking to other gamers for support and interest. I looked at table-top gamers, Board gamers, Anime Fans and Role-players as the target audience. This is not something aimed at just Role-Players or just Robotech Fans. This project has great potential to reach many people outside of the current Robotech Fan base and I hope I can have a hand in seeing that potential realized. Its always good to have too many games to choose from.The way things look from this side of the internet, I betting this will be a great game.

 All I ask, is that if you like Robotech then try to get behind this project and give it your support.. One ounce of support is always better than anything negative.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Um... Yes, big things ARE happening.

I love this look to the RDF logo - It would make an amazing cover... to something

   Ok, so It's been 1 year and 5 days since I started this Blog.. ( I missed my own blog anniversary) and as I type this we've had 15,542 hits on the blog with almost 4,000 hits back in March when It was announced that a Miniatures game was in discussion with Palladium. Many phone calls later my persistence has paid off. There will be supplements to the Robotech RPG with miniatures. In what capacity, you'll just have to wait. until then know this...

MINIATURES ARE COMING and Hopefully things can be worked out for a Robotech® Tactical Role-Playing Game.. It remains to be seen whether Robotech Battles will be a part of that process but I'm hopeful that we can be a big help.

See this great post from Palladium Books on the Subject..
The new miniatures will not be your standard lead and pewter paperweights from 2004.. Look for some amazing cutting edge miniatures... More on that from Palladium later on as well.. I guarantee 2013 will be big for Robotech Fans

In even better news. I am in the process of getting under license a Gaming Company for my future dealings into the Game development Community. My partner is on board and I'm finalizing the paperwork now. As soon as I speak with 2 more people, things will be steamrolling from there.. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Decisions on Moving Forward - Yes or No

I wish I could find again the artist who did these wire frames, they are truly amazing.

To everyone that has been leaving comments, thanks for the support.. I have some decision making to do.. The big questions that I need to answer is should I continue.. I have completed my initial goals to get a game in the works and get a Robotech miniatures line considered. Actually I want to see Miniatures all in the same SCALE!!) Well it seems that these two goals are being carried out. Palladium has stated in their newsletter/postings that a miniature roleplaying aids (minis) will be created. Other projects are being researched and reviewed to expand the Robotech License. I have been asked to be a part of some of that research along the lines of possible additions to their RPG systems. RPG Gaming rules using miniatures are in the realm of those systems. With what I've created so far, there will need to be changes and adaptations. So there are going to be limitations to the current game as is.. Red Duke Gaming is the Company I'm creating to move the process along. I will let everyone know what I've decided in the next few weeks. Look for some possible revisions soon and hopefully some pics of possible figs in the next few months..
The next few weeks before GenCon will be crazy..

Lets keep this Train wreck moving? Yes or No.. this should be interesting! Let me know and give me your feedback. Also hit up the Robotech Battles page on Facebook.. Since your here, Post comments below. Also please; no trolling - anonymous posts will be reviewed for content and most likely deleted as spam.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Palladium signs deal with Harmony Gold to expand their license

Think 1/285th scale


So there was a post by Palladium Books today.. well It seems as though there was a bit of contract negotiating over at Harmony Gold and Palladium Books. Miniatures are going to be produced for Robotech!!. As for the Robotech Battles: Macross currently in development, I will be contacting Palladium Books soon to discuss the project and the ramifications of the news. This project is not dead and we may be able to see a game produced!  Here is their quote. And Yes he did mention me FIRST!! (proud geek moment!!)

UPDATE: Robotech®

You haven’t heard us talk about Robotech® much lately, because we have been secretly working on some big plans for that game line. As you know, I try to keep you informed about everything going on at Palladium Books®. However, sometimes we just can’t reveal our plans or projects for strategic business reasons. For example, we didn’t want a competitor trying to swoop in on Robotech® if we talked too much about our plans. Moreover, we get some fan complaints when we talk about an upcoming project and it gets delayed, or worse, it falls through. We didn’t want that to happen with Robotech®, so we quietly stopped talking about the line but kept working on things behind the scenes. Well, I can finally give you an exciting update.
This week, Palladium Books signed a deal to expand its current Robotech® license with Harmony Gold USA, Inc., including the right to produce and sell pewter game pieces of Robotech® mecha and spaceships. This has been one of the secret projects we’ve been working on for months. Our thanks to Tom Roache, Jon Paulson, Jeff Burke and Carmen Bellaire, along with many others, for their help with our investigation and research on the subject. How soon can you expect to see 1/285 scale mecha available? Probably not until next year sometime. We’ll keep you posted. Sculptors wanted.

You can read the full article here: 

Friday, June 8, 2012



   Jon Paulson Games has not been given the green light to produce miniatures for the Tabletop Game set in the Robotech Universe. John Paulson of Paulson Games was officially told by Palladium Books ( a license holder for Robotech) that he will not be used for this project. I was informed that this was purely a business decision and has no bearing on the quality and craftsmanship that he provided in the prototype sculpts that he has produced and shown around. Palladium Books currently hold the license that I am attempting to acquire for a rules system and now gaming miniatures.
    There are many decisions that are being discussed concerning the future of a Robotech Miniature game currently at Paladium and Harmony Gold. I'm hoping that there is still room for the rules development side of this project within Palladium and I hope we get the blessing fro Harmony Gold. I have had many discussions with Palladium and I'm positive that there is still alot of excitement in seeing this project move forward. I hope that all the parties involved see the great potential to bringing a fantastic Universe like Robotech back to the gaming mainstream. Among the current Robotech RPG fan base at Palladium there has been very good feedback and people really want to see this game made, I just hope that Harmony Gold and Palladium see the potential value from the fans of the Miniature Games that are out there. Recent events with the larger game companies have caused many gamers to look for more cost effective alternate game systems. This game system has the potential to get a big gamer following. Most gamers have heard of or know about Robotech. I know several people who started gaming because of  Robotech.   I did.
   Ok I think I have ranted enough. Should I get the green light in moving this project forward I will need to pursue other avenues in getting miniatures created for the game. I have several ideas on where to go for quality miniatures but we shall see.

In the meantime Check out Jon Paulson's website:

Good luck John, and wish me luck on keeping this project going. So I'm back to waiting...

Friday, June 1, 2012

it's the start of a long wait!

Hi I'll be your tour guide for the day...

All is quiet on the Eastern front.. There has been a big decrease in posts and progress in these last few weeks. Adepticon is over, the Palladium Books open house is over and well I have been busier than a One-legged man in a butt kicking contest. ( no offense to any one-legged men out there).
The reasons for the lack of posts or updates is because we don't have any.  Not for lack of trying. Both myself and Paulson games are in a holding pattern. We are at a point where we are awaiting further confirmation from Palladium to see if the project gets the full greenlight. There are many things that need to be discussed between Palladium and Harmony Gold before any further action can be taken. That is all that I can say at this point.
Until any resolution is made the only thing that can be worked on is the updating of the current rules to a more player friendly version and do additional playtesting. First up; nail down the clarity of the rules, so they are easier to read and understand. Second is to test an easier close combat systems that I have been toying with. Thanks to the playtestors that so far have stepped up and given some incredible insight to the current version of rules and the theories behind creating balance to the games we play. Third is to test some different versions of elevation rules to create a more Robotech feel to the game. Elevations are a large portion of the game and making the elevations a set height or just making them layers are being reviewed. There are many arguments for or against the current set height per elevation system. more news to come on that.
Getting into the rules there are many small items that can be a detriment or asset to a game system. First off I want a fast but efficient game, so some of the items that are bogging the game down will be streamlined or revised altogether. Sometimes you are rolling way too many dice just to do one or two actions. Sometimes this is necessary  such as how missiles hit/miss/reacquire and others need revising.. such as Close combat.

I'm seeing room to expand the rules to include some initiative order to the players. currently there is not alot of downtime while turns are played out, the action/reactions take care of that quite nicely.. you are rarely just sitting there with nothing to do.
As more things are being worked on, I was thinking of moving to a two game format for Robotech Battles: Macross - A quick start rules set and an advanced piloting rule set where you can play smaller games with alot more detail associated with the pilot and building your pilots and expanding game play with more actions and reactions based on the pilot stats as well as the mechas stats..
I would like to hear everyones thoughts on this. Do you want to see the pilots get fleshed out further in the game? I am already planning to release special characters in the second book of Robotech battles, covering the second half of the first war. But I can add a few of the special characters in the first release of the game.. Is this what you would like to see?

Post your comments. (please)
Tom Roache

Thursday, May 3, 2012

WOW 50 Posts...

Here is a thought provoking article about Games workshop and the ever changing Gaming Community. Frontline Gamer discusses past and present thoughts and ideals about GW and how things are perceived by us, the gamer community..
A worthy read for anyone. This is a well written article and there are many an idea that ring true here.

In regards to Robotech Battles, it seems that Palladium is giving everything a hopeful look, but there will not be any discussions or progres until after their Open House this weekend (May 4th-6th). Until then I'm getting great response to the Robotech Battles : Macross rules that were sent out for playtesting. There is a great debate over elevations and of course the reworking of the Close combat rules to make gameplay less confusing and more fun to play. I'll be getting back into the rules discussions and retweejing as soon as I get real world issues controlled. Drop me a line here or on the forums with your thoughts and comments on the rules.
I've acquired the proposed cover art for the rules, as much as I want to put a mecha on the cover there is too much different types of artwork out there to choose from. I'm looking to have a diarama scene of te actual miniatures on the rear cover.

Robotech Miniatures has also updated the fun rules (Version 1.6) that were tested at Adepticon, and reposted the cardstock miniatures and a scenario.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What a little paint can do

07-07-12 EDIT: All Pics were removed of the Prototypes from Paulson Games - removed by request from the owner of the pics (Jon Paulson)

So Robotech Miniatures sent off some of the Prototypes to Nottingham UK for a nice little paintjob.. And Oh what lovely trip it was.. The minis were painted.. Since pictures are worth a thousand words.. I can stop typing now. Go to!/WinterdyneCommissionModelling for a great miniature paintjob!!!

Also I wanted to post some info on a great group of gamers that are looking for some support. Gaming for a Cure. Check out their site and if your in Michigan go to thier event.
The Cherry Capitol Con is coming up real soon and we would like to invite everyone who attends to stop by our booth and see us.  We will have pamphlets and posters available for anyone who wants to help us spread the word that we have become the game event to attend in Northern Michigan.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Licensing and Moving Forward

Thanks Aris Kasiniodis for the great sign.

I have to say that there is a great feeling knowing that people support a project that you are working on.. It makes the late nights and all the effort worth it. Myself and Jon seem to be gaining a bit of a following.. (Mostly Jon due to the recent pictures of the painted prototypes). I hope that we can get a bit more people interested after Adepticon. Jon is there currently and will have some of the miniatures on display. (And there is a raffle) Go to Adepticon and check it out!!

Now why am I posting a disclaimer? It seems that many of the fans are asking about buying the miniatures and release dates and schedules and such.. Well We Have NO schedule as to when any game or miniatures can be released.. We cannot sell any miniatures or games at this point. If we try to make a dime off of any of this there will be legal action and you can probably say that the game or miniatures wouldn't be made. We are still early in the process of getting agreements and Licensing..We ask that everyone interested in this project be patient. Everything that we are currently doing is as fans of Robotech and to everyone legally involved we are doing this for our own enjoyment.

Aside from that I can say that things look Hopeful for the game and a line of miniatures and as of yesterday, Tommy Yune of Harmony Gold approached Jon to discuss the project a bit. Yesterday Jon posted on his Facebook page this bit of great news. RobotechMiniatures
I know that there is a lot of interest in the miniatures and want to thank everyone for showing their support. Your feedback is very helpful and the project has definately made an impact on the guys at Harmony Gold and Palladium.

I do want to remind everyone that nothing is being offered for sale. That can only occur if we get the proper liscensing in place and that may be quite a while. (and isn't for certain)

It does look positive as both companies are open to the idea, there is discussion going on but neither are officially commited yet. There's a lot of details to iron out which will take time.

As a fan I know I'd also want the models available immediately, but I do need to ask you guys to be patient. Tom and I are doing everything we can in order to get this out to the public but it's a very complicated thing to set up.

We'll continue to make updates available as we can :)
We so far have gotten feedback from Palladium and now Harmony Gold. They are open to the idea of proceeding. But everyone must remember that this is just the first step. There is a long process ahead of us before any deal gets on paper. I can only ask that people continue their support and we will try to keep everyone informed about whats going on. For all the people interested in seeing and playtesting the rules email me here and I'll get you a copy to review and test out. RobotechBattles(at)


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Playtesting Information

I've had quite a few people ask about playtesting the rules for Robotech Battles: Macross. So far I have had some amazing feedback. This feedback is essential to making a game that is fun to play and easy to understand. I have been staring at these rules now to the point where I'm getting blurry vision. I need someone else to look at them for a change. I want to personally thank Ben Parker for the wonderful insight and perspective that he has given me on the rules so far. His comments and many others will be given all due consideration. Keep up the great reviews guys and I'll try not to let you down, because from my experience this is a fun game with lots of scenematic elements that match the TV series quite well.
On the other side of the Games news:
I just want to get my Hands on some of the Robotech Miniatures prototypes from Paulson Games. The minis will not be available unless we get Licensing.  Keep your fingers crossed because these minis are damn sexy!

Lastly I wanted to add an example of gameplay from the Version 1.5 ruleset. It was brought to my attention that starting up a game and playing is a bit confusing. I wanted to clarify how to start and how damage was dealt. When I next update the rules, there will be some changes to adress clarity of rules and explain a bit more.
For example:
Typical 1 on 2 battle between an Excalibur/Tomahawk and 2 Zentraedi standard Battle Pods. The Tomahawk is in its Offensive turn. Note this turn would be about 10 seconds in real time..
We'll use the Tomahawk - here's the loadout
   Each Volley/Burst cost: 1 Action Point
   Laser Bursts: Blast cannon - Range 36 in. 1 shot strength 6 + 2D6 Damage 2 Shot per round
   Mid Range Missiles - Range 3 to 24 in. 2D6 Each Volley (2 Volleys per Round)

Phase 1: Determine Action Points -
Rdf Side has 2 action points for the player to use any time and the Macha has 3 = 5 to use each turn
Zentraedi have 2 points for the player and each pod has 2 only to use = 6 to use each turn
Phase 2: The Tomahawk moved 6 inches into position (about 14 inches away from the Battlepods) (Spent 1 action point1)
Phase 3: Make attack roll - Spend action point to make attack. So One Shot w/ Blast Cannon (in range and in Line of Sight) Against standard Battle Pod 14 inches away. So use the Ranged Stat to Hit = 4+ (rolla 4 or better to shoot effectively)
REACTION) Defender spends action point for defensive action Defender (Pod 1) calls a defensive action - Spends an action point for Boost (vs Lasers) so the attacker is now -1 to hit.
Compare modified roll to attack value. (Ranged Stat of 4+1 = 5)
Attacker needs a 5+ to Hit now. - Roll dice (rolls a 5) the shot hits the Battlepod!
On a successful hit, compare strength of attack to strength of target.
On to Damage - Blast Cannon Shot = 6+2D6  = Rolls 2 dice and get a 3 and a 4 = Damage total = 6+3+4 = 13 = 13 points of damage occur.
BattlePod = Strength 8 with 6 structure points...  13 - 8 = 6 these remaing points now get through the armor
to deal structure damage..
If the strength of attack is greater than the strength of the target apply remaining points to structure damage. Pods Structure points = 6 - 5points structural damage = 1 structure point remaining - Battlepod is still standing able to react.

Next action is to shoot a volley of mid range missiles at the same pod -
Mid Range Missiles are fired and 2d6 are rolled for = result is a 6 and a 3  = 9 missiles - missiles immediately move 12 inches towards the target.
The battlepod reacts with Chaff. (Battlepod has now used its 2 existing Action points and is now out of Action points for this turn) Note: each player has 2 Action points (plus 1 per Ace) that they may use during any 1 turn - So if you had to react again with that same battlepod you could use one of these points.

Battlepod uses Chaff - for missiles within 12 inches of the pod. He rolls a 5 and 5 missiles are shot out of the sky... remaining missiles = 9-5 = 4 (the missiles are 2 inches away from the pod)

Lets say the tomahawk uses its remaining actions on other shots and they all missed.
There is no Hand to hand and no conclusions.
End of Turn:

Zentraedi Battle pods Offensive turn:
1)All action points for both sides are replenished. All mecha gets their full allotment plus any rolled over points from leftovers. 1 Action points per mecha for only mecha that didn't use their full number of points last turn. Both Player gets their 2 points. Any SPENT action points from having aces are lost and do not get replenished.
2) movement - Missiles move first before mecha movement happens. SO
The 4 remaining missiles are now able to reach the battlepod that they were locked onto (they move their 2" to the target). The Battlepod elects to react to the threat and uses Chaff. he rolls a 2 and 2 missiles remain.. now we roll to see if the missiles hit. The pod cannot react because he had already used Chaff. All missiles hit on a 4+. The player that shot the missiles rolls for the 2 missiles to hit.. He rolls a 3 and a 2 both miss - The missiles can reacquire on a 4+ and the RDF player (now defender) rolls a 5 and a 6.  both missiles reacquire the same target. (missiles move 3 inches past the target turn 90 degrees and travel 3 inches then another 90 degrees for 3" - lastly they turn 90 degrees and their remaining move of 1 inch they are facing the target. Missiles travel their full movement of 12 inches.  (so they moved 2+3+3+3+1 and are facing the target 2 inches away) so they can reach the target next turn. In this case they are 2 inch from the Target mecha. The missiles resolve at the next turns movement phase.
Battle pod player can move as normal and do their normal turn now. Should the player move past the missiles path to behind the missiles then the missiles would auto miss and be removed from play ( The pods spends the action point to move and moves past the missiles path - the missiles now count as missed and are disregarded) The battlepod has 1 action point remaining.

OK, there is an example of one offensive turn and an example oh how missiles work in the game. This may seem a bit complex at first, but once you get a turn or two in the gameplay gets Very fast.. there is alot of room for options that a pilot can make and how to react to every situation. When you start to run out of options, then your mecha are in trouble..
Let me know what you think.. better yet, get a copy of the Robotech Battles:Macross rules and play a small game.

04-16-12 Edit: the missile movement was revised to accurately maneuver missiles during combat - Sorry for any confusion - do not try blogging at 1 AM - mistakes will happen. - Tom

07-07-12 EDIT: All Pics were removed of the Prototypes from Paulson Games - removed by request from the owner of the pics (Jon Paulson)

Saturday, April 7, 2012


existing no frills cover art..                                    

ROBOTECH BATTLES: MACROSS VERSION 1.5 is available for playtesting. please contact us here at Robotech Battles for the latest ruleset for playtest.

Contact us also if your interested in submitting artwork or services for the project. As you can see from the current cover It needs some work...

Contact us here at
Robotech Battles

Friday, April 6, 2012

NO MORE FREE DOWNLOADS - But wait there's More!

Ask for version 1.5 - Robotech Battles: Macross

Ok here we are and there are quite a few things on the horizon for people who want to see the miniatures in person.

First there is Adepticon. Jon Paulson of Paulson Games will be at Adepticon April 19th to the 21st and showing off the prototypes of the miniatures at his table. He has gotten Adepticon confirmation and will be running events each night 6-10pm Thur-Sat. Located in the Jr Ball room Foyer. (The thurs event may be in a differant room). He will be using his Combat system rules from the MSIA game system. Go check out the miniatures in action.
Adepticon's website Link

Palladium Books will be hosting their annual Open House May 4th to the 6th. The Palladium Crew will be hosting a roleplaying weekend. There will be a copy of the Latest Robotech Battles Ruleset to review and check out.
3DAY-Palladium-Open-House-Weekend link

On to the Big News.

After discussing the state of affairs with the Guys at Palladium Books it was decided that the easy access rules that people have downloading up to this point will be taken down from the site. I do not want to discourage anyone from still using those rules to playtest. But Moving forward it is imperative that we here at Robotech Battles put forth a good image to the folks at Harmony Gold. These are the people that hold the Licensing and approvals that we desperately need.
SO.. MOVING FORWARD THE PLAYTESTING RULES ARE ONLY AVAILABLE TO PEOPLE WHO CONTACT US HERE DIRECTLY. Sorry for the inconvienience, but we will still have the rules available for playtesting and the additional material such as paper figs will still be free to download.
The contact email is: RobotechBattles {AT}

So contact us and we will make sure you get a copy of the latest rules for playtesting. But if you see this as a good thing, it means that we are being taken seriously and there is a real chance that this game WILL happen. I have contacted Chris over at The Black Ocean to turn off the hosting of the rules there as well. (thanks Chris)

On to the Bigger news:
Since the game system will be set in a 1/285 scale the old 1/144 scale paper figs have been removed. They will be replaced with proper scale papre figs (hopefully this weekend).Once the new files are up grab some 40mm bases and get to playing.

On to the Best news - Version 1.5 of the Robotech Battles: Macross  rules will be available (via email) this weekend. The new set will include revised elevation rules, a new rule mechanic for a pilots resolve during combat, the stats for the Excalibur, and updated army list creation rules.

Whew Too Busy!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Clarifications, Progress and Trolls

Excalibur Warhamer which is it?
Ok, So we think that we are on to something. A big something.. Jon Paulson and myself are working together to see a dream of ours become a reality. If your reading this I guess that you would have an interest in seeing this project happen. I have recently seen this blog site reach 3,000 hits and I never thought that would happen in a year let alone three weeks. Jon's miniature page has just hit 20,000 page hits for his outstanding miniatures.
A Tabletop miniatures game based on the License Robotech. Here in the US it has to be Robotech, not Macross or any of the current Macross related releases. Just Robotech. But under that umbrella of Robotech you get a very big world to play in. For starters you get The Macross Saga (which is where Robotech Battles Currently resides in), then you get the Second Robotech war with the Robotech Masters versus the Southern Cross, The Invid invasion where the invid claim the planet and humanity fights back and then you have the Shadow Chronicles. You can also add other offshoot occurances such as the Malcontent Uprisings, histories pulled from game and RPG adaptations and then there is the Sentinels histories. So you see there is a ton of History and Fluff to the Universe. We will be getting to these remaining timelines all in due time. We need to focus on getting the ball rolling and licensing first. To produce a game you have to start somewhere. I started at the begining with the first half (or so) of the first Robotech War. There were a few items that were purposely omitted from the rules and the initial playtests so that way I wasn't overloaded with things to design. Several people have pointed out certain omissions with the rules as they stand currently. Some of the ommissions include the Mac II - Monster, the excalibur (Warhammer to the BT guys), the scout Battle Pod, and super Veritechs to name a few. Well I will be adding these Mechs and others to the rosters but I need to follow the timeline in the series a bit. The Excalibur and the Scout pod will  be seen soon in the next rules update and in future scenario designs. The next version of the rules (version 1.5) is on my desk and being revised to include the 1/285 scale that we have decided to use and overall design tweeks to make the game better to play and understand. The other missing mechs will be added to the line as further releases and rules are developed. They just don't need to be introduced yet with the current rule set. We want to see the current game and line of miniatures start small so that the lines can build on themselves. Producing too much in a small time frame is a recipe for disaster and will be a nightmare to produce. This is still dependant on if we get the green light to run with our project. All we want is the Agreement to move forward. We are in talks with Palladium because they are the ones that hold licence with Harmony Gold to produce Robotech Roleplaying games. Producing Tabletop miniatures Games is not something Palladium has done before but they seem to be interested in the project and Want to discuss it with us. I feel the need to clarify one point here is that Palladium is graciously talking with us to see what we can do to get this project going. Thank you Palladium Books for taking the time to speak with us.
Lastly, I just want to touch on a subject that has had a negative effect to almost every forum and website that has ever been created. the Troll... the guy that has nothing better to do except talk negatively about things that he has NO business talking about. Didn't you ever hear the phrase "if you have nothing good to say, it's better to say nothing at all", this applies to Trolls.. For everyone else, we welcome your comments both good and critical. We want to make a solid game and high quality miniatures, so your suggestions are welcome and your support is appreciated.
Playtesters Wanted.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

First off - Welcome to our friends at The Black Ocean. They have decided to promote Robotech Battles. Chris over there ia a big supporter so go and check out his site. They have super easy access to all the rules.. Get them free while you can, because if talks go well I may not be able to offer the rules for free anymore..

The Black Ocean

"Your home for Firestorm Armada and Sci Fi Wargaming"
Now heave to, charge your fold engines, and run out your guns, The Black Ocean is upon you.
check out their facebook page and give them a "Like"

Below is what they have to introduce our game.

Robotech Battles

We are pleased to announce that The Black Ocean will be hosting files for the new game in developement Robotech Battles. This is a miniature game that takes place in the Robotech universe where humans now fight in giant mecha against an ailen menace. See the "Vault" above for the hosted files.

Soon look for updated files for all the Mecha and zentaedi paper figures.. currently the figures are in 1/144 scale. Since Jon and I have decidede to go with the Battletech scale miniatures we are going to use 1/285 scale.. So the current paper figures should be printed at half scale.. Also Jon has a few paper figs available for download over at his facebook page at!/RobotechMiniatures

Also I'm submitting a kicksatarter to get Red Duke Gaming up and running.. More info soon!!

Thanbks everyone for all your support. Now we are averaging around 100 hits a day down from the 2000 hits in three days for the initial TGN article. Did you catch the latest Robotech Battles information on the D6Generation Podcast? I puchased a small ad for episode 99, but beside that they mentioned us in their "What's in the News" section.. I guess a grassroots advertising campaign can work..

Friday, March 16, 2012

First off thank You everyone for the last 48 hours and over 1,400 hits on the Blog.. WOW, Thank You for your support.. Keep it up!



Now to help a good friend of mine Tim, I'm posting his great project.

Blackwater Gulch Kickstarter Launched!

I'm very pleased to announce the launch of the Blackwater Gulch Kickstarter Program!

If you are unfamiliar with Kickstarter, it is a website that allows a company to get the funding they need for a new product or service, directly from fans and potential customers. I am using Kickstarter get the funding needed to produce box sets for the game. These sets will include 5 unique 30mm miniatures, 5 premium Character Cards and a "quickstart" rulebook, all packaged in a handy foam-lined plastic case that you can use to store and transport your figures. 
Potential backers are essentially pre-ordering one or more of the upcoming box sets, in addition to bundled deals with scenery pieces, and even the opportunity to create your very own character or gang that will be permanently added to the storyline for the game world! 
For more information, please visit my Kickstarter page at: 
There, you will find all the information on how to support the game, and what different packages are offered, in addition to sample sculpts and concept art for new figures that that will be included. 
So, please check it out, and for more information on the game you can visit my website at
Tim @ Gangfight Games 
PS: Here's a new sculpt I just got from Brother Vinni, haven't shown him off yet :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Soooo The good news.. I posted an article to Tabletop Gaming News:

This blog exploded to about 160 hits in the first hour of the article release... at the time of posting this (roughly 7 hours later) - 570 hits - I can't thank everyone enough!!

The better news - I'm working with Paulson Games to get the miniatures produced. The minis look AMAZING!!!/RobotechMiniatures
The great news.... Palladium is reviewing the project and are excited about it.
More Info to come.. Stay tuned!

Here was the full article I sent to Tabletop Gaming News: It got chopped up alot before it was posted..

Hello Everyone, My name is Thomas Roache, PE. I'm the developer putting together Robotech Battles a 3D tabletop miniatures skirmish game. Myself and Jon Paulson are looking for interest in a Tabletop Game and Miniatures set in the Robotech Universe.

Here is a little blurb to get the ball rolling about my game..

"Welcome to the Tabletop Miniatures Skirmish Game based on Robotech from the Japanese version of the Anime Series Macross. Robotech Battles is a 3D Tabletop Skirmish Game where you can either be human or the alien Zentradi in the First Robotech War. You are the RDF pilot in control of Devastating Transformable Mecha battling for the earth’s survival, or the alien commander in control of the hordes of giant aliens bent on war and domination. Aerial Dogfights, missile trails filling the sky, and Mecha on Mecha combat give you the player, a taste of the Robotech Universe. Play out your favorite scenes from the Robotech series in this skirmish game where the fate of the First Robotech war can be decided on the results of your battles."

Jon Paulson of Paulson Games, has been developing several prototype miniatures for Robotech. Is a casting company that produces a range of miniatures and parts used for wargaming.

Both Jon and myself have approched Palladium Games with the hopes of producing Quality Miniatures and getting a quality game produced for everyone that enjoys Robotech.

On to the big news:

Talks with Palladium concerning a Robotech Miniatures Game and a Robotech Miniatures line. Here is the quote from Palladium:

● Palladium has been approached by two different people about making a Robotech® miniatures game. We are currently entertaining the possibilities.

Original article is here with a follow up:
March 8th update

We are talking with Palladium Books about the project. We need their Help to get our much needed foot in the door for the Licensing of the project. Both Jon and I believe a solid Robotech Miniatures game is long over due and would get a lot of notice if we can get the word out. We've always wanted to see Robotech on the Tabletop and we hope you have also. All we are asking is that you take a minute and show your support for getting A Robotech Tabletop Miniatures game and a line of amazing miniatures produced; Let Kevin at Palladium know that your interested in seeing this happen. So please make sure to go on their forums and on facebook and leave them a comment saying: yes I want a game and those minis!

Follow up on Palladiums forums palladium-forums and also on their facebook page here:

Monday, March 5, 2012

Discussions on a Robotech Miniatures Game

Exciting Times are Here!!  -  Use your turn signals!!

Help Us Get the game moving further.. Tell your gamer buddies and tell your friends.. Tell Harmony Gold.. Spread the word.. Join these and other forums, and become a member here. I like the idea of getting more hits on the website.. I'm seeing great numbers recently (around 400 hits a month) and it makes me very satisfied knowing that people are stopping in and are interested in seeing how things are progressing. I would like to request that you can add a comment or two. Feedback is greatly appreciated (good or bad = better game for you) For example: Thank you Scott for the great Comment you posted on Saturday (3/3/12).

I realize that that hasn't been much new content, but their are reasons... I think I can tell people a little more of whats happening.

We are talking with Palladium Books about the project. We need their Help to get our much needed foot in the door for the Licensing of the project. They already are on good terms with Harmony Gold and they are doing great things for HG. I feel that the Robotech Battles Tabletop miniatures Game can be a great step towardes further reinvigorating the Robotech Name. Palladium are developing alot of great projects dealing with the role playing side of Robotech but they are busy with their current projects. I want to see Robotech Battles move forward and alot of people want to see a robotech miniatures game be made. It's a matter of getting the word out that this is a worthwhile project to Palladium. Check out Palladium's website to read more and also add some feedback on their forums. There are even a few links mentioning us and I hope you will support both Palladium and Robotech Battles.
Also please "like" their Facebook page and let them know that your intereted in seeing Robotech Battles get made. Having you guys ask means alot more than if it comes from me.

Miniatures: What do you want to see.. I think I have told you  guys about all I can about what I want to see.. It's your turn. As I've said size matters.. but small 1/285th size is the most economical... If that is what the folks out there want then I'll make sure that my game will support it and make the game create all the battles you dreamed about growing up. The miniatures for the game are in development. They will be made and when I can talk about them further I will..
Comment all you want.. Please

Also before I forget, Check out the D6Generation Podcast for some great information on Board, Roleplaying and Miniature Games. They have done some Shout-outs for Robotech Battles in the Hollywood Minute portion. Great Stuff and "not too horrible"


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Miniatures - Size Matters

What's Up? Come here often?

So the question in my mind currently.. What size miniatures would work with the game? Also, what size miniatures would be the economical choice to get a player into the game easier. So the options.. 1/285 : 1/200 : 1/144 - and bigger. Everyone wants to see a miniatures game have their own line of miniatures. I'm doing my Homework.

We have the 1/144 scale minis that are out there.. They offer an incredible medium to show detail, modeling opertunities and really showcase the model. Unless you want to start the game with an $300 pricetag. The idea is good but very elitist.. As much as I would like to see this as the scale for Robotech Battles; researching mini costs makes this size too expensive. We'll save the 1/144 size for current plytesting of small 1 vs 3 model games I think. Don't worry the Robotech Battles game scales very well with models from Mechwarrior scale to Heavy Gear Scales.. no worries.

Chara works 1/144 scale import - outstanding detail - Veritech planes ONLY! At 1/144 scale -  Zentreadi Power armours are available for under $50 each and some Destroids are available for $100 or more each. More searching may uncover other models and sets.
 The next scale We're reviewing is a 1/200 scale. As many of you know there are several imported model kits for Robotech/Macross that are in this scale.. These kits are extremely outdated and generally of Poor quality at best. But they are out there and if you have the time and money to get them they are available. I have seen some good quality destroid kits so If you find them pick them up. They can be worth it. The costs of this scale for the existing models can be everywhere.
 This would be a great scale for a miniature tabletop game and there are people out there in the interwebs that run games currently with this scale. The existing models lend themselves to much castings and conversions. The rules for these games (that I've found) are offshoots of pre-existing rule sets. I find this very cool but, your still trying to adapt a ruleset that never had Robotech in mind. 
Lets talk cost. The 1/200 scale for these minis is more affordable but can still be pricey depending on the size of games that may be played. A price that is higher than a person thinks a single model should cost will never make a person buy the product. Its simple, if it costs too much, a person will look elsewhere to get his hobby fix. I'm thinking we can get a great quality mini at this scale, but I do not want to price a customer out of the game. We are researching this currently and we are still not convinced that this will be too expensive. What would you think about this scale? What would you pay fro a single model?

example of great scale grat cost, lousy detail
Last but not least - the 1/260-1/285 scale AKA the Mechwarrior scale.. Most people know about some of the Legal issues that the Robotech/Macross have had with Battletech. If not here is some info:

The warhammer/Tomahawk/Excalibur MK VI - depending on who you ask

 I know many people who really like this scale and would love to see minis in this scale to use in other games. I would like to see that happen as well. but currently I can only see minis produced for Robotech Battles and other games are not even on my mind now.
I have seen some very amazing detail be created with this scale. The new methods of miniature prototyping and the new materials that are being used can really produce great looking miniatures. You want to see some great detail, check out Dystopian wars miniatures game with their lines of resin minis.
The 1/260-1/285 scale is small... Not that it's a bad thing.
The good side: With a scale this size tables and scenery become more affordable, and you don't need a huge 4' by 6' table to play on. Entry costs into the game go down and more models can be easily produced giving more options to the players on how they want to play their games.. This also opens the possibilities to larger battles.
The bad side: The minis are tiny. How do you paint any detail onto a small model. You want your veritech to look like Roy Fokker's Skull-1 - you sart painting and the model starts looking like the fish head Rick catches when he's trapped in the ship with Minmei.
Should the smaller scales be made, decals would definately be a good thing.

As it is, there are no easy answers to the questions set forth above. Money will ALWAYS be a big factor  for some and Quality a bigger factor to others. Please post your thoughts in the comments section below. I would love to continue this discussion and I want to hear your opinions as well..

Things are still moving forward.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Scenario 2 is added to the forums

This is why there is a sniper special rule!!
 Check out Countdown, the second scenario for play-testing. This scenario is the second scenario that I hope to provide for every episode in the Robotech series.
This scenario is the city battle following "Boobytrap". This battle is between the ground forces of the Zentraedi and the Earth forces.. Again, your limited on what models are available to you but the gameplay should be fast and you can really test drive the building and structure terrain rules. Valkyries and Battle Pods are running and gunning. Each trying to destroy the other. Best of all the Zentraedi have some reinforcements. Go to the Forums, sign up, and get the information on the next Scenario - Countdown.


Here is the description of the episode Episode - Countdown of the Robotech Series for your enjoyment courtesy of
Aboard the SDF-1, Vanessa reports to Captain Gloval that twenty-four unidentified objects are touching down just offshore. Gloval asks why they weren't detected earlier, and Vanessa tells him the energy drain from the firing of the main gun knocked out their radar. "Those scout ships were just a decoy," Gloval muses. "Very clever strategy." He asks Lisa to recall Lt. Comm. Fokker's forces, but with the Veritechs still busy fighting off the first wave, Gloval instead orders the carrier Prometheus to send out reconnaissance choppers. Lisa says she's already called for them, and they should arrive in five minutes.

Back in Macross City, the crash-landed VF-1D Veritech Battloid piloted by Rick Hunter lurches forward. The townspeople worry that it might be some sort of alien invader, and young Lynn Minmei and her little cousin Jason go upstairs to her room to get a better look at it.

Offshore, the “Sea Sergeant” recon helicopters from the Prometheus fly over the target area and report no sign of the enemy craft. Lisa warns them that they are suspected to be submerged in the ocean, and indeed, a number of enemy battle machines rise to the surface and turn their laser cannons on the two choppers. Both are quickly destroyed.

On the bridge, Lisa breaks the bad news to Gloval just as Senator Russo enters. "Well, Captain, it's lucky for us that we got this ship ready in time to fight off the invaders," he remarks. "When do you take off? You are ready, aren't you? Why haven't you taken off? What are you waiting for?" Russo demands. Gloval insists that he can't take an untested ship into space with a crew of raw recruits who've never been into space before, but Russo won't hear it. "It sounds to me like you have no confidence in your crew; is that what you're telling me, Captain?" Russo asks. Gloval assures him that's not the problem, but Russo wonders then what the problem is. "We spent a fortune on this Robotech ship, and I don't want to see it
destroyed on the ground," he says. He won't have any excuses. The SDF-1 is ordered to take off, despite Gloval's objections.

In the city, Lynn Minmei opens her window and gets an eyeful of the Veritech Battloid. The towering battle machine's head swings down, and an empty chair rises up out of its back. Her cousin Jason assumes that nobody's running the machine, but soon the pilot's chair rises up and a confused-looking Rick Hunter walks from it and looks down from the Battloid's shoulder. He asks the nearest onlookers what his craft looks like to them. "Some kind of robot, I think," Minmei tells him. "Oh great. When I got into this thing it was an aircraft," he replies. "I thought I'd gone nuts." Minmei asks him if he's joking, but Rick tells her he's as puzzled as anyone--after all, he's not a military pilot, just an amateur. "What? How'd you get that robot?" Minmei asks him. Rick tells her it's a mistake, that he's not supposed to have it. Jason accuses him of being an enemy spy, but Rick tells them that it was the army's idea for him to take it, not his. It's only then that he notices all the damage he's caused, and Minmei asks him if he'll have to pay for it all. "Me? I hope not," he says sheepishly. Just then, a car horn is heard from below. A military supply truck wants to get through, and the robot is blocking its way. While he doesn't know how it works, Rick figures he can at least try to move the thing out of the way. Minmei wishes him luck as he returns to his seat and
it lowers back into the Veritech. As the head rises back into place, Rick looks over his controls and tries to figure out what they do. A few pulled levers later, the Veritech begins to fall backwards to the ground. To compensate, Rick pushes some pedals and ends up firing the thrusters in the robot's backpack, sending it flailing towards Minmei's home. She and Jason manage to run to the other end of the room just in time as the Battloid smashes through the wall, its head coming to a halt right over them. Rick uncovers his eyes and asks them if they're all right. Thankfully, they are.

Back at the SDF-1, preparations are made for the ship's liftoff. Vanessa informs Gloval that Armor-01 has fully recovered and is preparing to rendezvous with Armor-10. He thanks her then asks Claudia to check the reflex furnace to see if they've recovered full power. They have, so he orders the anti-gravity system to full thrust. The countdown begins, and at zero the anti-gravity control system is activated. The SDF-1 begins to rise, but after a moment it begins to stagger violently in mid-air. Lisa points out the problem--the gravity pods are breaking away from the ship instead of lifting it! One by one, they fly into the sky, leaving the fortress behind to drop back onto its supports with a crash. After making sure everyone is all right, Gloval asks for a full damage report. "They'll
never let me hear the end of this," he grumbles. Lisa tells him he shouldn't blame himself, but he can't help but feel responsible. "I am the captain," he says as he falls into his seat.

Meanwhile, a pair of vans have been rigged to pull the Veritech out of Minmei's house. The drivers floor the accelerators and manage to get it upright for a moment, but then it just falls backwards, coming to rest after smashing into another building.

In the air, Fokker reports that he and his team have sent the enemy forces packing. Lisa commends him, and Claudia asks how many he shot down. "Only ten this time," he admits. She warns him that he's slipping, but Roy assures her that he'll make it up. "Do you have any word on the VT-102?" he asks Lisa. She tells him that he landed in Macross City and is doing more damage than the enemy. Roy laughs and thanks her for the update. Lisa asks who he is, but all Roy will say is that he knows him. After transferring command of the squad to Captain Kramer, Roy flies down to Macross City to check on Rick. He spots the Battloid and radios his old friend. "Had a busy day down there, I see," he remarks as he looks over all the damage. On the ground, onlookers flee as Roy's Veritech Fighter swoops down towards the city and begins its own transformation to Battloid mode. Rick, Minmei, and Jason cannot believe their eyes as the fighter plane mechamorphs into its
humanoid configuration. Roy assures Rick that with a few small repairs he'll be able to take the Battloid back into action, but Rick seems resistant to the idea, noting that he's not even sure what this thing is, and he sure isn't qualified to operate it. However, Roy says that if he can fly a plane, he can operate a Battloid. The controls, he tells Rick, are fairly similar, and he can check Rick out on them as he makes the repairs. As manipulator arms from Roy's Battloid's arm repair circuitry within Rick's Battloid's chestplate, Roy explains that the Veritechs are classified top-secret, and there is a good reason for their existence. The manipulators retract, and Roy tells Rick to apply gentle pressure to the foot pedals. Rick does as he's told, and the Battloid stands up straight.
Minmei is impressed by his quick learning, but has to bid Rick farewell, as the city is being evacuated.

This is with good reason, as just offshore, a horde of Zentraedi mecha--bipedal ostrich-like weapons called Battlepods--leap from their hiding place beneath the ocean and gather just outside Macross City. In orbit, Breetai is informed of their landing. He orders all gunners to prepare to give cover fire to the assault group.

On the island, Roy tells Rick that they'd better get moving, but Rick still feels unsure of himself with the Battloid. Roy suggests pulling the lever marked "G" and switching to Guardian mode. "What the heck is a Guardian?" Rick asks as he pulls the control. The Battloid's torso soon unfolds back into an airplane-like state, while the arms and legs remain deployed. Roy assures him that the controls are almost exactly like the fighter plane, meaning he should be able to fly it without any problems.

In the line for the shelters, Minmei realizes she left her diary behind, and tells her aunt and uncle that she has to go back and get it. Aunt Lena tells her not to be foolish, but Minmei figures it'll only take a minute, so despite Lena's objections she merrily makes her way back for the city.

As Minmei skips merrily towards the city, the Zentraedi are ready to blast everything in the path of the Battlepod assault group into oblivion--except the SDF-1, which Breetai wants intact. The battlegroup fires every laser at their disposal at the small island, leveling buildings all around the reconstructed battle fortress. Within the smoking city, Roy remarks to Rick that it appears the civilians got out just in time. Rick tells him he hopes everyone got out okay. "If you're worried about your girlfriend, we might check on her," Roy tells him. The two Veritech Guardians dash away in search of Minmei.

On the SDF-1's bridge, Gloval asks if they have a fix on where the bombardment is coming from. Vanessa informs him that it's from a fleet of ships in lunar orbit, out of the range of their missiles. Lisa tells him an alien assault force is coming from the east, and they need air support. "Call for it!" Gloval tells her.

Zentraedi Battlepods advance towards the city, launching an attack on the SDF-1. Moments later, the Veritechs under Captain Kramer's command take off from the Prometheus to defend the fortress and the city. The fighting is heavy and furious, and in the middle of all the chaos, Lynn Minmei is nearly squashed by a Zentraedi Battlepod. However, Roy Fokker swiftly intercedes in Skull One, shooting the Battlepod's foot off. He orders Rick to take care of her while he holds off the attackers, switching his Veritech to Battloid. Despite Minmei's obvious objections, Rick picks her up with his Guardian's left hand and zips away as Roy covers their escape with round after round from his Veritech's autocannon. Still, with missiles in pursuit, Rick realizes that he'll have to find a way to get Minmei into the fighter's cockpit. At that moment, a Battlepod pops up right in front of
him and launches another barrage of missiles. Rick pulls up, taking his Veritech straight into the sky, but the missiles are still on his tail. Despite some slick maneuvering, eventually the Veritech is struck, and wouldn't you know it, the left arm holding Minmei is sheared off. As Minmei screams, Rick brings the fighter into a dive, matching his speed to that of Minmei's descent. At just the right moment, he opens the cockpit canopy and reaches his arm out for her to grab a hold of. He pulls her in, closes the canopy, and brings the Guardian down to a low hovering cruise on street level so they can both catch their breath.

The two have both barely calmed down before Rick manages to crash the Guardian head-on into a Battlepod peeking around the corner of a building. Rick tries to bring the Veritech to a halt but it slips right under the Battlepod's legs, knocking the pod over with its wings and somehow rolling upside-down, skidding for several yards before righting itself. The Battlepod also makes it back up to its feet, but doesn't react until after Rick notices that Minmei isn't moving.

Enraged, Rick unleashes every shot in the Veritech's autocannon upon the unmoving Battlepod. He keeps on clicking the trigger even after the gun is long out of shots, but is relieved as he watches the Battlepod's body crash to the ground.

Then it happens ... a hatch on the back of the Zentraedi Battlepod swings open, and from it emerges a giant, clad in battered battle armor. Rick screams, and the giant lurches forward, reaching up and clumsily tossing its helmet aside. It looks almost human. The dazed giant continues towards the Veritech, crushing a car with one step of its armored foot. He nearly reaches Rick's Veritech, but a shot from behind fells him once and for all. Behind the giant, Roy Fokker's Skull One lowers its gun pod. "What was it?" Rick asks. "What was that thing, Roy?"

"That," Roy admits, "is the enemy."

Once again, the SDF-1 is nearly ready to lift off. Claudia reports that the backup rockets are fueled and ready for firing, and asks Lisa how the evacuation is going. She reports that the civilians are all safely in the shelters, and that the city is deserted. Gloval orders the boosters to be switched on, as they'll be blasting off immediately. "I hope the standby boosters work," Lisa says. "They'll work, Lisa," Gloval assures her. "They were made on Earth." He gives the order to blast off. Finally, the SDF-1 rises from its adopted homeworld and begins its first journey back into the stars in a decade. Lisa radios Fokker with the news and requests air cover. Skull One lifts off and switches to Guardian mode, then hesitates for a moment. "C'mon, Rick! Let's go! Get the lead out!" Roy snaps. "C'mon, what's the matter with you?" At that, Rick switches off the radio on his plane, folding his arms across his chest. The violence raging around him and the sight of the giant alien warrior has just been too much for him. As Fokker flies up towards the departing space fortress, Rick and Minmei are left behind in the alien-occupied city, surrounded by invaders.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Scenario 1 is added to the forums


Uh OH - Fighter Pods incoming!!
 Check out Boobytrap, the first scenario for play-testing within the game, Robotech Battles. This scenario is the first of many scenarios that I hope to provide for every episode in the Robotech series.
This scenario is an aerial battle between the air forces of the Zentraedi and the Earth forces.. Your limited on what models are available to you but the gameplay should be fast. Valkyries and Fighter Pods - The combat should be a deadly dance between all the Mecha.
Go to the Forums, sign up, and get the information on the first Scenario - Boobytrap.


Here is the description of the first Episode of the Robotech Series for your enjoyment courtesy of

In the year 1999, Earth has been ravaged by a global war. Brother battled brother as the conflict raged across the planet, but the devastation paled in comparison to a new threat which appeared to alter the course of human history forever. Astronomers discovered an alien spaceship that had broken through hyperspace on a collision course with Earth. Alarm increased as reports of the giant spaceship were confirmed by scientists around the planet. Eventually, they determined that the landing site would be Macross Island in the South Pacific.

The uncontrolled descent produced shock waves of incredible force; however, there was little damage to the island or, surprisingly, to the spaceship itself. The armored hull had taken the brunt of the fall, leaving most of the sophisticated technosystem intact. The gigantic craft was explored with a mixture of awe and anxiety. There was no sign of the alien crew, but the remains of the battlefortress gave evidence of a civilization that was centuries ahead of Earth’s most advanced technology. That alone was the most sobering discovery. Neither the look of the spaceship nor the material found inside indicated its creators were a peaceful race. Annihilation by invaders from another planet had become a terrible possibility.

The Global War ground to a halt. A cease-fire was ordered, and world leaders banded together to form the United Earth Government. Under this new administration, a research team consisting of the most brilliant minds on the planet was formed to investigate and restore the battlefortress. The team labored to decipher parts of documents from an incredibly complex technology called Robotech.

For the next ten years, the resources of the entire planet were focused on the restoration of the spacecraft on Macross Island. A great city grew up around the Robotech Project. On the eve of the ship’s maiden flight, every citizen – man, woman, and child – gathered to celebrate the achievement and to witness the launching of Earth’s new defender under the name of the Super Dimension Fortress One.

As the SDF-1 prepares for takeoff under the command of Captain Henry J. Gloval, inhabitants of Macross City enjoy opening festivities hosted by war hero Lieutenant Commander Roy Fokker. The ceremonies are interrupted when Fokker’s young friend Rick Hunter, crashes the air display with a fantastic demonstration of his own aeronautical abilities. To the public’s delight and Fokker’s distress, the young man all but steals the show. However, when the two meet after Hunter landed his plane, all friction is forgotten as the two renew their friendship.

Their enjoyment is short-lived as another warp-fold splits the fabric of space. Yet another huge alien ship enters Earth’s solar system. These are the Zentraedi, a race of giant warriors bred for thousands of generations for the sole purpose of military conquest. They are in pursuit of the Robotech battlefortress. The alien finder-beam locks in on the SDF-1’s position, and the rest of the armada follows its flagship to an orbit circling Earth. Under the command of Breetai and his assistant, Exedore, the Zentraedi prepare to reclaim their lost property.

When the spacefortress senses the presence of the Zentraedi armada, it automatically begins to prepare defense mechanisms. The bridge of the SDF-1 dissolves in chaos. Captain Gloval leaves the opening ceremonies to join his crew. Lieutenant Commander Lisa Hayes and Bridge Officer Claudia Grant advise him of the ship’s unusual behavior. As the SDF-1 bridge crew become aware of the invaders and regain control of their ship, a combat alert is ordered and all personnel are called back to the ship.

Breetai and Exedore don’t know what to make of the humans' initial attack. Their defense seems erratic. It does not put the Robotech spacefortress to its most effective use. The Zentraedi can hardly guess that their foes lack sufficient knowledge to control the massive Robotech mechanisms.

Rick Hunter is literally caught napping in one of the Veritech Fighters as the combat begins. Lisa Hayes orders him into battle. She assumes he’s one of their combat veterans. Rick obliges her, taking off with youthful nonchalance only to find himself in the midst of a situation he’s not prepared to deal with. Fortunately, Roy Fokker comes to his aid.