Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Decisions on Moving Forward - Yes or No

I wish I could find again the artist who did these wire frames, they are truly amazing.

To everyone that has been leaving comments, thanks for the support.. I have some decision making to do.. The big questions that I need to answer is should I continue.. I have completed my initial goals to get a game in the works and get a Robotech miniatures line considered. Actually I want to see Miniatures all in the same SCALE!!) Well it seems that these two goals are being carried out. Palladium has stated in their newsletter/postings that a miniature roleplaying aids (minis) will be created. Other projects are being researched and reviewed to expand the Robotech License. I have been asked to be a part of some of that research along the lines of possible additions to their RPG systems. RPG Gaming rules using miniatures are in the realm of those systems. With what I've created so far, there will need to be changes and adaptations. So there are going to be limitations to the current game as is.. Red Duke Gaming is the Company I'm creating to move the process along. I will let everyone know what I've decided in the next few weeks. Look for some possible revisions soon and hopefully some pics of possible figs in the next few months..
The next few weeks before GenCon will be crazy..

Lets keep this Train wreck moving? Yes or No.. this should be interesting! Let me know and give me your feedback. Also hit up the Robotech Battles page on Facebook.. Since your here, Post comments below. Also please; no trolling - anonymous posts will be reviewed for content and most likely deleted as spam.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Palladium signs deal with Harmony Gold to expand their license

Think 1/285th scale


So there was a post by Palladium Books today.. well It seems as though there was a bit of contract negotiating over at Harmony Gold and Palladium Books. Miniatures are going to be produced for Robotech!!. As for the Robotech Battles: Macross currently in development, I will be contacting Palladium Books soon to discuss the project and the ramifications of the news. This project is not dead and we may be able to see a game produced!  Here is their quote. And Yes he did mention me FIRST!! (proud geek moment!!)

UPDATE: Robotech®

You haven’t heard us talk about Robotech® much lately, because we have been secretly working on some big plans for that game line. As you know, I try to keep you informed about everything going on at Palladium Books®. However, sometimes we just can’t reveal our plans or projects for strategic business reasons. For example, we didn’t want a competitor trying to swoop in on Robotech® if we talked too much about our plans. Moreover, we get some fan complaints when we talk about an upcoming project and it gets delayed, or worse, it falls through. We didn’t want that to happen with Robotech®, so we quietly stopped talking about the line but kept working on things behind the scenes. Well, I can finally give you an exciting update.
This week, Palladium Books signed a deal to expand its current Robotech® license with Harmony Gold USA, Inc., including the right to produce and sell pewter game pieces of Robotech® mecha and spaceships. This has been one of the secret projects we’ve been working on for months. Our thanks to Tom Roache, Jon Paulson, Jeff Burke and Carmen Bellaire, along with many others, for their help with our investigation and research on the subject. How soon can you expect to see 1/285 scale mecha available? Probably not until next year sometime. We’ll keep you posted. Sculptors wanted.

You can read the full article here: