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Update - Seeing Robotech in February...I'm ok with that!!..

RED DUKE GAMES - original logo - (OLD)
Hey everyone,
I have been away from the blog for a while since I've been working on a kickstarter Card Game and finalizing the creation of my Game Company.. RED DUKE GAMES. ( )
Well the company is legal, we hired our first artist, the website is up but needs serious tweaking, and were finalizing our first game which will be on Kickstarter in a few weeks.. I'll be announcing that soon enough. Red Duke Games has been a big focus on my life for a few years (aside from career and Family) and it was a big contributor to the Robotech RPG Tactics game. If I hadn't wanted to start the game company I wouldn't have started the RRPGT  game.
More info on the new game, website and Red Duke Games later..

As far as Robotech goes. We are looking at a February release. I know there will be many people moaning and groaning saying Palladium History this and delays that..The game is being created as fast as it should be.. You want it faster than your going to get CRAP!. the initial number of molds that were originally estimated could not handle the detail that was required to make the beautiful sculpts that everyone has seen.. So double the number of molds.. (Goodbye pile of money that is needed for that change and hello delay). This is what it takes to make a superior product. NO shortcuts! There is no substitute for a quality product. Should that cause a delay in shipping? YES! Give me that delay, I welcome it. People just do not understand the process that this project has been going through. just the coordination and approvals of the sculpts and the rules and the resource management that has been utilized for this project is staggering.. Initial release estimates for RRPGT was for a perfect world and no delays.. fine great. Everyone that is complaining needs to take a rational look as to the world and how things work in the real world and not in a person's imagination.. I want quality, not crap. So Kevin S., John C., and Tommy Y., please make sure that you take the time you need to make this a great game and quality miniatures. I know many of the guys at Palladium and Ninja now and these people are great guys and girls. They are committed to give the fans of Robotech the quality game that they have been waiting for for almost 30 years now.  I can wait, because I've been trying to get this done for longer than anyone out there.

So here is the update from Palladium.
Have at it

UPDATE: Robotech® RPG Tactics™

Hey everybody, sorry for not getting you more substantive details sooner, but we've been working to hammer out all the details and variables around the Robotech® RPG Tactics™ project, for you, our distributors, and ourselves.

First, not only is this Palladium Books’ very first Kickstarter, this is also our first venture into making a game like Robotech® RPG Tactics™. Our learning curve has been steep and this undertaking is massive, even with Ninja Division’s experience and handling of much of this.

Second, the scope of Robotech® RPG Tactics™ was expansive and demanding to begin with, and grew as the Kickstarter went on. The sheer number of different product SKUs, special figures, poses, components for the box game, the many expansion kits, and so on, has meant a tremendous amount of work and logistics. That’s okay, because we want this game line to be truly epic, but it has proven challenging for everyone involved.

Third, the consensus of everyone, Palladium Books to Ninja Division and Harmony Gold, has been that it is better to get this product right than to rush it.

Fourth, detail matters. As Palladium Books has stated before, we want the end product to be everything Robotech fans could want. And we have a pretty good idea of what that is, because a) we listen to you, and b) we are super-fans ourselves. This has actually added to Ninja Division’s work load, because we want these representations of the Robotech® mecha we all know and love to be as detailed and awesome as possible. When there were shortcuts Ninja Division could have taken or Palladium could have authorized, we agreed not to do so in order to give you a superior product.

For example, that has meant numerous additions and tweaks to sculpts, and additional cost and engineering considerations for mold-making and manufacturing. This has caused delays and doubled the cost of the molds, but Palladium is willing to make that sacrifice to give you the best product we can possibly make. No cutting corners if we can avoid it.

The ship date. At this point, we still do not have an exact release date, but it’s no longer possible for it to be in December, as we have not even gone into manufacturing yet. If I had to guess, I’d say February, 2014, though we’re working to try to make it sooner. Palladium Books and Ninja Division are looking to firm up details and dates, and we’ll provide them to you as we get them ourselves.

Is this delay disappointing? Of course, but this is worth doing right. Palladium has spent thousands of dollars on advertising stating the game is coming out in the Fall of 2013 and December 2013, so obviously, that was the plan. But as I said, when faced with sacrificing quality, we all agreed to take a step back and go with quality even if it meant delaying the release. Even our distributors, who are champing at the bit for this game just like you, agreed it is better to do Robotech® right than to rush it out for fast sales, or quick, personal gratification.

Here’s how things are unfolding:

1. Almost there. The design and layout work for the rule book, stat cards, packaging and accessories are all pretty much complete. They are the fast and easy part of manufacturing. It’s the final mold engineering and mold-making that has been taking some time to keep the details and features we know you’ll want. As we get close to finalizing that process, we approach the actual manufacturing. However, our earlier delays mean we face a glut of product in the pipeline for Christmas, and potentially further delays.

2. Manufacturing. How soon our job can get into manufacture (hopefully later this month) will determine how quickly we’ll get the finished product. Other factors include the Chinese New Year that closes down much of the manufacturing for a few weeks, and shipping to the USA port (another 4-6 weeks), then clearing Customs and then shipping to Palladium. The latter should go quickly (a week?).

3. USA: Once product is in Palladium’s hands, even with an efficient assembly line set up and additional help brought in, it will take some time to process, pick, pack and ship the 5,000+ Kickstarter orders and the many Kickstarter accessories and special items. Note: Kickstarter orders will ship before Palladium sends any product to distributors for retail distribution. We appreciate your support, and you will get the product before it goes to retail. And remember, MANY of the Kickstarter items will be in your hands months before the retail expansion packs are released in waves to retail. Enjoy.

4. EU & Overseas: We have made special arrangements to pull, pack and address your packages at the Palladium warehouse, and then ship them in bulk to an agent who will post them from within the EU. That should mean everyone in the EU will get shipped around the same time, but after packages are shipped in the USA.

We will update details and firmer dates as we learn them. Meanwhile, Palladium will continue to provide you with images of actual game pieces and the full production packages as we go along.

Our apologies for the longer than anticipated wait. The game pieces/models are gorgeous, the game is a fast, fun simulation of the Robotech® TV show, and this product will be worth it!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Game Play Video from GenCon

Here is the video from the demo tables at Gen Con!!
Thanks to Dave from Gamers on Games..

Great Video !!

Sorry for the bad zoom ins!! I am not a videographer.. lol

Now for the long wait till December!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Follow up from Gen Con

Ok so I owe alot of people some foolow up from Gen Con. Not only from this blog, but from my Game Company also.. Look for Red Duke Games soon!!
I want to set up interviews with possibly the D6Generation, 40K Radio and Screaming Heretic.. I owe these guys (and gals) emails and follow ups.. you can only scream "life gets in the way" so many times.. I'll go cry wolf elsewhere..

In the meantime get excited for the Robotech RPG Tactics game! The minis look fantastic.. I cannot tell everyone of how humbled it was to meet everyone at Gen-Con. It was soo cool. The minis are going to look so great on the table. All the minis will be plastic so that everyone can use their hobby or plastic glue.. The minis just feel right and the scales are dead on.. There has been alot of debate on Terrain. Some folks are ordering the Dropzone Commander terrain, I think thats fine really. The only scale difference that I saw between the 6mm (robotech) and the 10mm (Dropzone) terrain was the first floors.. trim them down and the buildings are now close to scale for the 6mm..   just a thought.

Also Robotech Battles is the official - unofficial blog for the Game. stay tuned for more info.

The Kickstarter news:

BackerKit Pledge Manger Lockdown Pushed Back to September 8, 2013


Sunday, August 25, 2013

So I came home from Gen Con

Ok, So my trip was fan-tastic.. I cannot thank Palladium Books for the amazing hospitality and professionalism and respect that they have given me. I can only say that I am truly humbled by the respect and courtesy that they have shown me.
It has been Over Two years since I started this blog and even longer that when I started drafting my original rule set for the Robotech Battles Game. That game opened a BIG door and allowed the Robotech RPG Tactics game to be produced. This whole endeavor was clarified for me as to truly what I had started when I first got to Gen-Con.
First off I arrived at Gen con Friday at 11 after two plane rides and several shuttle rides.. I get to the con and finally get my badge to the show. I arrive at the Table and Greet Kevin Siembieda. Hugs are shared and smiled filled greetings are exchanged.. What it also apparent is that there are people EVERYWHERE in and around the booth.. The only way to tell fan from employee is the shirts.. I see the Robotech shirts that are employees only shirts.. I get two.. Wow. ok so I start to be introduced to a few of the Palladium guys at the booth and some of the Ninja guys that were helping out.At the booth, Palladium was all about meeting and talking to thier fans and people interested in their games. All of these people at Palladium that I met are super friendly, down to earth people and as I find out later - Super talented.. whether as artists, writers, GM's, storytellers, editors, demo-ers, gamers, or developers.. It really doesn't matter because even though there are not many people at Palladium, they can handle just about anything.. and have. They are still going strong after a few crazy years.
     As soon as I had arrived, I got a few of the hello's done and I was then stationed at a demo station.. a 18" round terrain piece with various city terrain. These were beautiful sections of city scape that small Robotech Tactics battles were to take place. I received a small intro game to refresh my knowledge of the game, and I learned a bit of what had changed since the Demos I ran back in May.. Everything came back easily and no real rule changes had occurred. Great!.. and off I went to Demo-ing for the next 7 hours.. I did take a break at some point to take a quick lap to see some of the con. But for the most part Demos were my life. I cannot tell you how many demos I did, nor could I tell you if I had the same experience in game twice. 2 veritechs and 6 battle pods can make for some great games. Those games were a blur but a very exciting and joyous blur.. I was playing with the very models that I had dreamed of years earlier. I was running a demo of the game I had brought to light. I signed Books because people really did want my autograph. I shook hands with so many people, I got more hugs from some really beautiful women. Just because I was persistent with an idea that I had.. I met a guy that I knew from only seeing his you tube videos, Dave Simpson. We did a interview, then a demo, He had no voice, and then I held the camera.. It was interesting and cool at the same time..

There were some back and forth with rules during the demos.Damage was supposed to be rounded down with dame and we played games with the rule rounded up and down. Command points were tweeked so the demos went smoother. Because of the life is cheap rule, Battle pods don't accrue command points. But everyone loved the system. Many of the guys there doing demos were doing it for the first time. I have to admit it though, They looked like pros after the third or fourth one. Every person who stopped for a demo left excited and happy for the game. Many people were asking for release dates and what was included in the box sets.. Should anyone have questions on game mechanics, rules or anything, post and I'll try to answer questions as best I can. I did not have a single negative demo, not one!.

The Max and Miriya promo game pieces.. The metal Max was $15 and the resin Miriya $20. these two minis caused a lot of issues.. not only from the fanbase in the Kickstarter, but at the con itself. Every day a limited number of mins were available to purchase. The first day of the con the VIG's got the lions share and the table was MOBBED for the remaining ones. The second day there were huge lines that the event staff talked to us about.. We had made lines but the lanes were being blocked and traffic jams ensued.By the last two days of the con, lines were formed and foot traffic wasn't blocked and event staff were grateful. so we did ok with that. The biggest problems were when the doors opened at 10, there was a huge mob of 300+ people making a beeline to our booth. I have to say that these mobs caused many a big companies jaws to hit the floor when they realized that the crowd wasn't coming to see them. That put a huge smile on everyone's faces.  I took some video of one of the opening mobs coming at the booth and I had to stop filming or get run over. Crowd control took up about an hour of everyone's morning at Palladium. Not a bad problem to have I feel sorry for the people that missed out on the con-exclusives. On a side note as soon as the minis were sold they made it on Ebay at around $120 for both minis.. The last two days of the con went by in a blur and I had a blast.. I love the Robotech fans out there and the passion that people have for the series. I saw and talked to legends in the industry. I even spoke with Larry Elmore the artist who can be credited to making many a DnD roleplayer, myself included. I spoke with the D6 Generation, Russ and Craog are great guys and I need to talk to them to get an interview set up. Also I need to get interviews with 40K radio and the Screaming Heretic pod casts.. All of which are Robotech fans, who knew..

 This chapter of my project is at a close, because the dream that I had to get this game created has been realized. This snowball has been pushed and is picking up momentum. There is no stopping this now. I'll still be here to add a little direction I hope and give some insight as to whats coming.. Moving forward, I'm still here and I'm in the process of starting my new Website for the Game company I started, Red Duke Games.. Look for the website soon.

Also, sorry for the lack of pictures, we were so busy we didn't get many ourselves!!..

More info soon!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Additional Sculpt Previews..

Please check out the free preview of  The Rifter® #63 Sneak Preview – available now on
It has over 90 images of the new sculpts... Holy crap I'm seeing stuff that I have not seen before!!..

here's the link:

Break out the pocket books and wallets - Pledge manager OPEN

UPDATE: Robotech® RPG Tactics™ – Pledge Manager – Today!

We have gotten most of the Survey responses back, so Palladium will be sending out invitations to the Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Pledge Manager later TODAY. It is in this step that backers are able to select all the Add-Ons they wanted as well as purchase additional Add-Ons! That’s right, you can purchase as many additional Add-Ons as your heart desires, in any quantity. Watch for your invite!

For your information:

● When we ship to our Kickstarter supporters – ALL Kickstarter items and Add-Ons will be shipped at the same time, but depending on how much you ordered, they may come in more than one box.

● Kickstarter Backers will get these items as soon as they hit the Palladium warehouse this Fall. They will be shipped BEFORE they are shipped to distributors and retailers.

● Only the Box Game and initial wave of retail releases (see the full description elsewhere) will arrive in the actual retail packaging. MANY of the items made available to Kickstarter Backers – like the Monster, Ghost and others – will not be made available on the retail market until a few months down the road. Expansion Packs will be released in waves over time. Our Kickstarter supporters, however, get them right away! That means many of these “advance” Kickstarter items will not come in the retail packaging, but simple bags.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


The new Ghost sculpt... NICE!!!

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately, I have recently started a new job. As things progress and I get more accustomed to working again, I'll post regularly.

Project Update #102: Soon™
Posted by Palladium Books
Hey Folks,

This is Jeff Burke and Kevin Siembieda from Palladium Books.

Both Palladium Books and Ninja Division have been working their tails off, 7 days a week, 10-14 hours a day. We are working like maniacs on all aspects of Robotech® RPG Tactics™, the Survey and the Pledge Manager, among other things.

As of last week, we have announced that Ninja Division (and sometimes Palladium) will be posting a weekly update in the Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Kickstarter “Updates” section. Just visit the Updates page to see what’s new. Palladium has also been posting updates and information in our Weekly Updates on the Palladium Website ( Feel free to swing by and take a peek anytime. New Palladium website Weekly Updates go up every Thursday or Friday.

FYI: Jeff has been responding to Private Messages, emails and telephone calls regarding the Kickstarter for weeks now, so we are on top of things. This is all new to us and we are learning as we go. There is a ton of work – literally thousands of surveys to send out and process, thousands of emails and comments/feedback to read and answer, product to create, manufacture, package, advertise and ship. We want Robotech® RPG Tactics™ to be super. We want it to rock your world and we think you’ll be very pleased with the end results.

To Reiterate Key Update Points:

- The Survey should be sent out in a day or two. The guys at Ninja Division are reviewing it. As soon as we get it back from ND, we’ll shoot the Survey on to you.

- You should get your invite to the Pledge Manager as soon as we get the majority of the Surveys answered and returned to us. Probably next week.

- Sculpts are being finalized. ALL but 5-6 have been finished and approved by Harmony Gold, the licensor.

- The rules are written, edited, and approved by the licensor, and ready to go into final layout. Packaging designs are next.

- Advertising has been put into motion and a marketing plan is in place.

- Plans for Gen Con® Indy – August 15-18 – include our running Robotech® RPG Tactics™ demos at the booth, all day, every day. Plus, all or most of the game pieces should be on display. We’ll also have the Robotech® RPG line and other books available for sale. Join the fun.

Keep the faith. Things are looking great.

Jeff Burke, Your Robotech® Liaison
Kevin Siembieda, Publisher

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Design Your Own Ace Fighter and Squadron!

Robotech® RPG Tactics™: Design an Ace Contest

All pilots, man your Valkyries! Invasion is imminent!
As Palladium Books and Ninja Division's Robotech RPG Tactics Kickstarter comes to a close, we would like to invite all aspiring Veritech Ace Pilots to participate in a fun contest!

Design Your Own Ace Fighter and Squadron!

Winners will not only receive their Squadrons/Ace Pilot included in the rule book, but also receive a hand painted version of their Squadron/Ace Pilot's Veritech fighter painted in all three modes to add to your collection!

Instructions/Rules: (How to Participate)
Use the images here, and email entries to no later than May 31st for a chance to have your squadron and/or ace pilot immortalized in the Robotech RPG Tactics main rule book!

Scan/photograph/email a fully colored version of the VF1-J battloid of your ace pilot/squadron
Include the name of your Squadron/Pilot
(Optional) Include a squadron special marking/icon
Limit 1 entry per person per day

Judging will take place the first week of June, and winners will be announced via email and Facebook. Our panel of judges will include the creative staff from Palladium Books, Ninja Division, and Harmony Gold!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Boom goes the Dynamite the KickStarter has ended

Thank You Shawn Merrow for the picture
Love you all

Thank You

To all, 
We are coming down to the final day of the Kickstarter. As of this posting we have 4,473 backers and the pledge is at $1,113,587.. I'm floored!! wait 4,474 and $1,113,827.. wow fast..
I would like to take a few moments of your time to say how utterly Thankful I am that each and every one of you are here. When this KS started I was worried that this would not see $500K pledge let alone a million+. YOU all have really stepped up and made this a worthwhile project. The small snowball of an idea has been turning into an avalanche. This could NOT have happened without Palladium Books and Kevin S. Also this KS would be nothing without the skill and hard work of the people at Ninja Division led by John C. Their Ninjas have been pushing, teasing, and designing the stuff that we have all been waiting for more than 25 years for..
I have a favor to ask..
When you can spare a moment I would like to ask you to give a Thank you to the people That took the time to listen to a simple fan of Robotech with an idea. Post a Thank you on the Ninja Division and Palladium Books Facebook pages for the Robotech RPG Tactics project. If you could do that for me I would be appreciative.. Please repost this as necessary....

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Last week of the Kickstarter

To all,
This is a worthwhile Kickstarter.. for everyone.. role players, anime fans, tabletop gamers, board gamers, hostorical gamers, terrain makers and video gamers.. this is the ground floor of a big deal! The game is fast and fun and most of all the game is easy enough to teach to your 7 year old.. I wouldn't have been working on this for the past two years if it wasn't worth it.

There is so many quality individuals working on this and testing things and giving solid technical advice. There are people with over 30 years worth of experience in the Gaming and RPG worlds working on this project. Ninja Division, Harmony Gold and Palladium Books have been working together to bring all this to you. There is so much that has been researched and explored that the average gamer doesn't know about. These people are SERIOUS!! I'm amazed at how far this endeavor has grown and taken on a life of its own. But as I have stated before this project means nothing without the dedicated fans behind it. You guys have made this dream come true and everyone behind the scenes are trying to make this the best damn game for all you fans out there. After all, you have been waiting over 25 years for it.. The wait is over.. there won't be a better opportunity than now.."

Friday, May 10, 2013



Here is the Malcontent Force Organization. If we have a chance we will get it put together in a pretty graphic format. In the meantime you can begin to prepare you forces now.

All squadrons and point values are approximate and subject to change.



Air Superiority Squadron  - 100pts

1x Quadluun-Rau
3x VF-1As
Assault Recon Squadron - 65pts

3x Gnerl Fighters
1x VEF-1
Ground Attack Squadron - 75pts

3x Gnerl Fighters
1x VF-1J
1x VF-1A
Super Valkyrie Squadron - 110pts

4x Super VF-1A

Valkyrie Wing - 40pts

2x VF-1A
Super Valkyrie Wing - 30pts

1x Super VF-1A
Gnerl Squad - 35pts

3x Gnerl Fighters

VF-1R Upgrade - 10pts

Replace a VF-1A with a VF-1R
Quaedluun-Rau Squad - 40pts

1x Quadluun-Rau


Air Defense Squadron - 80pts

4x Gluuhaug-Regult
2x Defenders
Armored Assault Squadron - 115pts

1x Queadluun-Rau
3x Armored VF-1A
Artillery Support Squadron - 80pts

2x Serauhaug-Regult
2x Phalanx
Heavy Destroid Squadron - 85pts

1x Glaug
2x Spartan
2x Tomahawk
Light Raider Squadron - 60pts

6x Regults
2x Spartan
Main Battle Squadron - 70pts

2x Nousjadeul-Ger
2x Tomahawk
Mixed Infantry Squadron - 45pts

2x Spartan
3x Serau-Ger Heavy Infantry
6x Gluu-Ger Light Infantry
Zentraedi Assault Squadron - 70pts

2x Nousjadeul-Ger
6x Regults

Armored Valkyrie Squad - 50pts

2x Armored VF-1A
Assault Destroid Squad - 30pts

1x Tomahawk
1x Spartan
Support Destroid Squad - 35pts

1x Defender
1x Phalanx
Regult Squad - 40pts

6x Regults
Regult Support Squad - 45pts

2x Gluuhaug-Regults
2x Serauhaug-Regults
Zentraedi Serau-Ger Squad - 20pts

6x Serau-Ger Heavy Infantry
Zentraedi Gluu-Ger Squad - 15pts

6x Gluu-Ger Light Infantry

Command Monster - 70pts

1x Command Mk.II Monster
Glaug - 30pts

1x Glaug
Quel-Regult Squad - 20 pts

1x Quel-Regult
Zentraedi Infantry Officer Upgrade - 10pts

Upgrade 1x Serau-Ger or GluuGer

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Force Organizations

Here is the preliminary Force organizations you can use to build your armies..
There is much to be be released as of yet and still no word on the Special characters.. but there is alot here and alot to be guessed at.. But we are still hearing word that there is more after all this..

First Off the UEDF: There is still speculation on the shadowed out mecha in the Support Cards section. The Destroids looks to be fleshed out rather well..

For the Zentraedi: in the shodows are TROOPS!!  LOTS OF TROOPS..  and the elusive FPA (looks like)
ANd the Third Faction - the Malcontents will have plenty of troops to draw from..

 With goals being reached and new items for sale  like the new Battle Foam bags.. there is not much that a Robotech Fan could want... except the Masters and the Invid sagas.. then there is the Shadow chronicles...
 More updates to come...

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rules Preview

For those of you who wanted an idea of the rules that you will be seeing with the new Robotech RPG Tactics game..


Friday, April 26, 2013

Interviews updates and Wow what a ride!!

Soooo, You wanted a monster.. You got it and a little more in the pic.. hhhmmmmm...
OK so there has been alot of activity, I mean a CRAP TON of activity concerning the Robotech Kickstarter. We have been working on a stretch goal a day. Things are slowing a bit.. but the forecast is good and this could go to 1 million or more.. I dare all the fans to make this go over 1 million, I dare you!.

I am soo impressed with the handling of the Kickstarter so far, Ninja Division is doing a great job keeping the interest up and I cannot belieive the number of people that are contributing to the comments thread.. Those comments are being looked at and the Ninjas are coming back with new and imaginative backer goals.. There are some great people in the comments threads who are providing excel worksheets to calculate you pledges and people who are really answering questions quite well.

I have seen a new forum pop up along with the Kickstarter for the people who have pledged and Love Robotech..  Its even moved servers already because of the demand.. There is some great information there as well..

On to the NEWS ...
Palladium has been doing there own advertising and Interviewing for the Kickstarter..
Kevin's interview with MTV Geek is here:

As well as Palladiums new Weekly Update: Great stuff.. and remember all the Robotech RPG books are currently on sale from Palladium.

Enjoy all the good news

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Excited?... NAH.... just Kidding

Well There is alot of people talking about the game.. For example..

Gamers on Games - His fanatical rant is truly fun to watch.. Thanks Dave!!

ALSO I wanted to show everyone the actual product features for the Kickstarter from Palladium.
palladiumbooks product-features.

WOW almost $220K in under two days..

Friday, April 19, 2013


Thanks to our friends at the Black Ocean facebook page
We have pics of the Mecha in action and a preview of the prototype stat cards..
Please note: the prototypes shown are metal minis and the game pieces that will be provided in the Kickstarter are going to be in Plastic.


More interviews MTV Geek News

Current stretch goal reached.. Wow $160,000 in 12 hours - I wish I could make over 13 grand an hour.

Kevin has been slowly making the rounds for the new Game. This time for an interview with the folks at MTV Geek-news.. And Yes I did spearhead this whole thing.. My fault!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013


robotech-rpg-tactics Kickstarter

Now is the time to help defend Earth against the Zentraedi Invasion!!
Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Kickstarter – April 18, 2013

Palladium Books® and Ninja Division (the creative minds behind Soda Pop Miniatures and Cipher Studios) are proud to announce the launch of the Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Kickstarter.

Robotech® RPG Tactics™ empowers you to take command of the fighting forces of the United Earth Defense Force (UEDF) or lead the massive clone armies of the Zentraedi Armada in pitched combat. Relive the massive battles on your tabletop, engage in stand-alone tactical games or use the dynamic game pieces to enhance your Robotech® RPG experience. Collect your favorite mecha from an expanding range of world-class game pieces.

Why should you care? The Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Kickstarter helps Palladium to fund the launch of a compelling and expanding game line designed specifically for Robotech® fans and gamers. Six months of product development has produced nearly two dozen gorgeous sculptures (with many more to come), a mountain of artwork, and game rules that have been play-tested by more than 100 Robotech fans and gamers to ensure Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is everything you could want. And because so much is DONE, this project should go into manufacturing within 45 days after the Kickstarter!

More Robotech® adventure to enjoy. Ever consider playing a role-playing game? Check out Palladium’s Robotech® role-playing game line. Each book contains a wealth of information, artwork and sometimes never-before-revealed stats and information about the mecha, vehicles, weapons, characters and settings you love. The four core books – Robotech® The Shadow Chronicles® Role-Playing Game, the Macross Saga™ Sourcebook, the Masters Saga™ and New Generation™ – are worth owning just to have the reference they provide, even if you never play the game. Inexpensive and available now.

© Copyright 2013 Palladium Books Inc. All rights reserved.
Palladium Books®, Megaverse®, RPG Tactics and other titles, names and slogans are trademarks of Palladium Books Inc., and Kevin Siembieda.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Game interview with Kevin Siembieda

VF-1A - <insert drool here>
Kevin from Palladium Books had alot to say concerning the new Robotech RPG Tactics game and also on the future releases..
Thank You Craven Games for the interview..
Interview here:

I hope to see the Kickstarter on Thursday AM!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Another Teaser while you wait

And the artwork is looking very awesome indeed..
As long as things go as planned expect the Kickstarter by the end of the week. I can't wait!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Kickstarter - NEXT WEEK!!

UPDATE: Robotech® RPG Tactics™

A massive undertaking like Robotech® RPG Tactics™ takes a lot of time and a lot of work by a lot of people, both at Palladium Books and at Ninja Division – not to mention Harmony Gold to review and approve art, writing, packaging and sculptures, as well as present notes about any changes. EVERYONE is putting in a great amount of time and energy to make this product line rewarding, fun and epic.

* The rules for Robotech® RPG Tactics™ have been play-tested like crazy by what I believe is 80-100 people (thank you everyone!). They have been reworked, tweaked and fine tuned to the point that they are pretty much done to everyone’s satisfaction. There are still some minor tweaks and adjustments to be made, but Ninja Division and all of us believe we have a solid set of rules that captures the action and capabilities of the TV show combined with fast game play and scalability from skirmish battles to mass combat. Fun, fun, fun.

* Palladium has its first draft written for most of the color text going into the 96+ page Robotech® RPG Tactics™ rule book.

* Box cover art is looking nothing short of awesome. You will see it in the Kickstarter.

* Interior rule book art and design elements are coming in at a rapid pace and looking excellent. You’ll see some of them in the Kickstarter.

* Final sculpts for UEDF and Zentraedi forces are also coming in and getting approved. How do they look? Mouth-watering. As die-hard Robotech® fans ourselves, the game pieces have to pass muster with us as well as Harmony Gold. Dedicated to quality, the Ninja Division crew of sculptors have been working diligently to make final 1/285th scale game pieces that Robotech fans will adore. You’ll see many of these in the Kickstarter.

* The Kickstarter is tentatively slated to launch next week sometime, but no promises. We want to do it right, and Ninja Division been has pounding away at it for a while now. Like I said, the scope of this undertaking is massive. Creating dynamic quality on every front takes time and a lot of hard work. There are a lot of moving pieces and a lot of people involved. Ultimately, we want an end result that makes you as excited and happy as we are about it.

* The ultimate scope of Robotech® RPG Tactics. What is revealed in the Kickstarter next week is just the beginning, and focuses only on the Macross Saga. If this Kickstarter and the full launch of the game to the retail market is the success we all expect it to be, this is very much only the beginning. Palladium Books plans to do game pieces and expansions for ALL the Robotech Wars and eras: Macross Saga, Masters Saga, New Generation and Shadow Chronicles. We would even like to produce a space combat game focusing on battles between spaceships. With the right resources and support, we plan to expand Robotech® to the heights of adventure us Robotech® fans have always wanted. Game on!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Regult - Or The Zentraedi BATTLE POD!!

Looking Great!!.. also you get a sneak peak as to some of the new Robotech artwork... pretty nice..
I really can't wait to paint up a few squads!!

More info as we get it!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Teaser from NINJA!!

3 guesses and the first two don't count!!

Well things are progressing on the rules front there are so many great rules that are being tested that will put you right into the world of Robotech!..  With so many great miniatures coming, you will be able to feild just about and squadron that you can thing of. There will be so many miniatures from the Macross saga that I hope I'll be able to collect them all.. Look for the Kickstarter soon and get ready to get a crap ton of mecha...

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Direct from Gama - Ninja Division Video

Please check out the video about the New Miniatures and some of the future prospects for the Robotech Universe.

Robotech RPG Tactics Miniature Game! from Ninja Division at GTS

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Here They ARE!! MINIS!!

Pictures from Ninja Division at the GAMA Trade show. We will have more pictures as we get them.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Another Teaser.. and Yes it is..

Wow two posts in one day...

I wanted to make sure everyone saw this.. The LOGO

Robotech RPG Tactics
Prepare for Invasion!

Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is a fast-paced, strategy battle game that brings the epic combat of Robotech® to your tabletop. Take command of the fighting forces of the United Earth Defense Force (UEDF) valiantly defending Earth from alien annihilation. Or lead the massive clone armies of the Zentraedi Armada to recover an alien artifact of immense power and enslave humankind.

Gamers can relive the massive battles on tabletop, engage in stand-alone tactical games or use the dynamic game pieces to enhance their Robotech® RPG experience. Collect your favorite mecha from an expanding range of world-class game pieces.

Robotech RPG Tactics

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Insight behind Robotech® RPG Tactics™

These guys look so Cool!
OK, The guys at Palladium have released to of the insight to the creative process that is going on for the new Robotech Game.. I can only say that the initial game is the tip of the ice burg for what is planned...
Here is the full link with the full article and additional information:
Palladium Books Link

Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is a dynamic work in progress with many elements in motion. We’re still experimenting with the rules set, tweaking sculpts for game pieces, artwork for the rule book is just starting to come in and we've writing the color text.

I can tell you this, our goal is to create a mechanism that brings a new dimension and new possibilities to your Robotech® gaming experience.

Everyone involved, from artists and sculptors to the writers and game designers, is working to capture the look, feel and action of Robotech®. Every single person at Ninja Division (which combines the talents of Soda Pop Miniatures and Cipher Studios) and Palladium Books is striving to bring you the Robotech® experience with increased depth and range for gaming.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

You should definitely know this one!

That's right it's the GU-11!! The latest sculpt to be released for the New Robotech Tactics game..
Let Ninja Division know how much you like it.. NinjaDivision

          GU-11 55mm Triple Barreled Rotary Cannon
The GU-11 is a hydraulically driven, triple barreled rotary cannon configured as a rifle. It fires 55mm High Explosive Armor piercing (HEAP) rounds from an internal, stock mounted helical magazine at the rate of 750 rounds per minute. This weapon is durable, performs well in atmosphere and vacuum, and has excellent range and penetration. The GU-11 is carried by hand in both Guardian and Battloid modes of all variants of the VF series Valkyrie variable fighter, as well as some non-variable UEDF forces.

Primary Purpose: Anti-Mecha and Assault
Weight: 350 pounds (157.5 kg) loaded
Range: 4000 feet (1,219 m)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Updated sculpts

Updated sculpt from fan feedback

Another view with the missile hatches closed..

Both Palladium and the fans have been providing feedback on the sculpts that were first shown last week.. By no means are these the final sculpts but we are seeing some great results.. keep the feedback coming and make sure you give your input here and on the Ninja Division Facebook page... NinjaDivision

Keep your eyes glued to the monitor more updates will be coming...

Monday, February 25, 2013

Thursday, February 21, 2013



DIRECT FROM PALLADIUM - I SOOO Wanted to say something for soo long!!

Start Spreading the Word

The big news of this Update is Palladium is about to launch its biggest, boldest product line in more than a decade. We will need your help with a real Kickstarter to make a strong, bright future for Palladium Books a reality.

For most companies, an opportunity like this happens only a once or twice in a lifetime, if at all. An opportunity to make and build upon something that you, yourself, love as a fan. The privilege to make something that you know other fans of that property will love as well.

Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is such an opportunity.

We are especially fortunate, because this is the fourth time Palladium will have had an opportunity of such significance with a licensed property. The first was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles® RPG game line (1985). The second was with the original Robotech® RPG game line (1986). The third was bringing fans the rest of the Robotech® TV series on VHS tape for the very first time (1989) – Southern Cross/Masters, New Generation, and Robotech® II: The Sentinels – uncut and unabridged, and proving there was a market for anime in North America. Each one of those events was a milestone for that Intellectual Property and for Palladium Books. Each one was a fan-pleaser and a bestseller, because we knew what the fans wanted and gave it to them. Each one helped grow Palladium Books® and enable us to make the games you love.

Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is a product Robotech® fans have been wanting for more than 25 years! A gaming experience that expands into making game pieces of all your favorite mecha and provides rules for mass combat battles that capture the flavor and fun of the Robotech® TV show and role-playing games.

Our partner in this venture is Ninja Division which brings together the design talents of Soda Pop Miniatures and Cipher Studios, makers of the popular and fun Super Dungeon™ Explore, Relic Knights™, Helldorado™ and Anima Tactics™. Together we are working to bring you the best quality game pieces, design and rules for Robotech® RPG Tactics™. Anyone who knows miniatures and table-top gaming knows these guys are all about quality.

Every one of these Robotech® mecha has been sculpted with painstaking attention to capture not only the accuracy and detail of these iconic Robotech® war machines, but to capture their power and movement as well. Every aspect of the product line has been created with Robotech® fans in mind. They are designed to appeal to wargamers, role-players and Robotech® fans of all ages and gaming preferences.

We have brought in talented sculptors, artists, game designers and writers from around the world for the creation of this expanding realm of Robotech®! We have drawn upon the top caliber talents and creative minds of Soda Pop Miniatures and Cipher Studios via Ninja Division, as well as Palladium Books® and Harmony Gold®! The tactical rules have been play-tested again and again, examined under a microscope, tweaked and improved, play-tested again, and tweaked some more to capture the Robotech® experience.

For the first time ever, we plan to bring you ALL eras of Robotech® mecha in one consistent scale – 1/285th scale. If the market wants it, we’ll produce a secondary line of game pieces at a larger size, such as Cyclones at 28 mm.

In the end, we want to release a product line that will delight Robotech® fans and gamers, and even appeal to people who have never heard of Robotech® or played RPGs or tactical games. I think we have accomplished that. I hope you will agree.

Why this? Why now?

Some Palladium fans have questioned why we have been spending so much time and resources on expanding the Robotech® game line, especially when we are so behind on book releases.

Three reasons:

1. As noted earlier, Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is a rare and precious opportunity to make something epic for fans like us.

2. Robotech® RPG Tactics™ gives us a chance to work with the wonderful talent pool at Ninja Division (the creative wizards of Soda Pop Miniatures and Cipher Studios). Again, you don’t pass up an opportunity to work with talent of this caliber.

3. The success of Robotech® RPG Tactics™ could be huge for Palladium Books as a company. A successful launch of Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is the final piece of the puzzle to make Palladium Books® strong again. A successful launch will enable us to eliminate debt and give Palladium the resources to hire more staff and more freelance talent and do so much more for ALL our game lines. I already have a dream team of creators lined up to bring on board. They can hardly wait. The excitement is electric.

Please be assured that Palladium is a role-playing game company, first and foremost. RPGs shall always remain our primary business. In fact, the success of Robotech® RPG Tactics™ will enable us to do more of the role-playing game releases you love. There is a reason I’ve been designing and writing role-playing games for 32 years: I love them more than anything. For business and marketing reasons, I cannot reveal to you our every plan months or years in advance. I can tell you we have big plans and dozens of RPG products in the pipeline and on the drawing board. Plans that I believe can carry role-playing to new heights and new markets. In fact, I have plans to do things with role-playing games others may have not yet considered. And that’s why we can’t talk about all our plans for new systems of play, RPG products and marketing ideas. They have to remain top secret until we have the resources to make them a reality. The release of a greater number of RPG books and bold new ventures like Robotech® RPG Tactics™ will enable us to make that happen.

March Kickstarter to Launch Robotech® RPG Tactics™

We will need to do a real Kickstarter to make Robotech® RPG Tactics a reality. We already have distributors lined up to carry the Robotech® RPG Tactics™ product line. Heck, I think some of them are as excited about this game as we are. One distributor who I confided in back at Gen Con last year was so excited he hugged me and said it was the best news he had heard all year.

However, to do Robotech® RPG Tactics™ right, to manufacture the box set and expansion packs at the awesome level they should be, will cost a lot more money than Palladium has available to it. Enter Kickstarter. If we can get gamers and Robotech® fans to participate in our Kickstarter, we should be able to garner the funds we need to make this game epic. If we exceed our goals in a big way . . . we can do so much for it and all our product lines. The possibilities will be incredible. One is to make all Palladium Robotech® products available to fans and gamers around the world.

Be the first. Don’t forget, your participation in the Kickstarter will get you a wide range of game pieces, product and cool collectibles before any of it ever hits store shelves. And let me say, Robotech fans, there will be a lot of things you will want. I know, because I want them. We are working with Ninja Division, right now, to figure out all the cool swag you’ll be able to get in this offer.

We need you. PLEASE start to spread the word about Robotech® RPG Tactics™ and its Kickstarter coming next month; probably mid- or late-March! We want role-players, wargamers, Robotech® fans and collectors to know about this exciting Kickstarter opportunity coming their way. We want those of you who may be interested in the game line to be prepared for the Kickstarter to get all the goodies you may want. Heck, as a Robotech® fan, I’m geeked just to be able to get the game pieces to display on my shelf, let alone the different game applications.

We don’t want to reveal too much before the Kickstarter, because we want it to blow you away. But I will try to sneak you more information over the next four weeks and even some photos of a couple of Robotech® game pieces. Man oh man, they are looking sweet.

Again, together, we can make dreams come true. Help us make this become a reality and make Palladium a juggernaut in games for a new generation. Thank you so much.

Closing Thoughts

Be excited. We are. The expanding Robotech® product line means so much to Palladium’s future. Its success will affect and advance all our plans for role-playing releases and other fun products. As always, thank you for your support.

– Kevin Siembieda, Publisher, Writer and Gamer

Robotech® RPG Tactics™

Prepare for invasion! Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is a fast-paced, strategy battle game that expands on the popular Palladium role-playing system to enter new realms of adventure.

Mecha vs Mecha. Take command of the fighting forces of the United Earth Defense Force (UEDF) valiantly defending Earth from alien annihilation. Or lead the massive clone armies of the Zentraedi Armada to recover an alien artifact of immense power and enslave humankind.

● Collect your favorites from an expanding range of world-class game pieces and relive the massive battles on your tabletop at home to enhance your Robotech® RPG adventures or as a stand-alone tactical game.

● 1/285th scale game pieces with detail

● Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is designed in partnership with Ninja Division. Ninja Division brings together the design talents of Soda Pop Miniatures and Cipher Studios, makers of Super Dungeon™ Explore, Relic Knights™, Helldorado™ and Anima Tactics™, to bring you the best quality game pieces, design and rules for Robotech® RPG Tactics™ and all of your Robotech® adventures.

● Stay tuned for news about the Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Kickstarter Campaign, coming this March! Support our goals to bring you this exciting product and an expansive range of quality game pieces.

● Palladium Books and Ninja Division will showcase the game pieces and reveal all with the Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Kickstarter Campaign; tentatively scheduled to launch next month; probably mid- or late-March. This is a product line Robotech® fans have wanted for decades! If you are one of those people, please spread the word and support this upcoming Kickstarter.

● The final details and cost of the Robotech® RPG Tactics™ box set and expansion kits are still morphing and changing at this time. They will conform to industry standards for pricing and packaging.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

More updates

The girls got the cool weapons...
Hello everyone,
This is a bit of a Palladium Books fanboy post.

I have been doing alot of website trolling, research and keeping tabs on the status of how people are feeling about the game and miniatures. Also I have been talking to the people who are running the project. I know what is happening with the project and the status of things. In my travels and during the life of the project, there has been alot of unnecessary negativity towards Palladium. The expectations of  the miniatures to be released were that they would be sub-standard and they would look like miniatures created 20 years ago. Soon test models were shown and prototypes were created at a time when the project was still fresh and there were very few people involved. People started to look at the project a bit more and interest was at an all time high. Palladium took the leap of faith, (something they did not have to do) and followed through with the idea to create a miniatures game to launch a line of Robotech Miniatures. Persons associated with the project were either kept on with the project or asked to stand aside for the good of the project. At this point the trolls came forth and started the anti-palladium rants and raves about how the project was doomed to failure and that they couldn't deliver a quality game let alone miniatures! I did alot of legwork to keep the project viable and introductions were made with "the right people". (I'm under strict confidence to keep those involved a secret). I personally know Kevin Siembieda, and Kevin  is no dummy! He saw that this was a project that he couldn't handle himself. He is a RPG guy, not a miniatures guy! Agreements were made and contracts signed and here we are today. There is a design team, sculpters, artists and many others putting together everything that's involved in a top quality game. Harmony Gold is very excited about the project as well!
     I'm trying to keep everyone informed as much as I can. Palladium is handling the project very well and is dealing with Harmony Gold and third parties in creating a superb game and expertly crafted miniatures. There are alot of secondary industries interested in the project that want to see it succeed, such as terrain makers and army builder file designers.. This is not going to be a small project. Never would Palladium treat this project as a small undertaking. These miniatures are going to be as good or better than whats ever been produced before.. The technology to create the finest miniatures in the business is being used and the preliminary sculpts are showing  it.
     You will be surprised when you hear the quality and experience of the people running the design project.. The design team is from all parts of the world and there is alot of brainpower going into the design of the game. I'm impressed by the names on the design team, and I am so lucky to be a part of this process.

The luckiest people will be those of you who will be playing the game by the end of the year.. (deadlines and  permitting)..  There is a big push to see a big presence at Gen-Con this year..

on with the Palladium Books weekly update from January 25th, 2013.

UPDATE: Robotech® RPG Tactics™

There has been a lot of activity on Robotech® RPG Tactics™: Defense of Macross Island™ as it is in full-scale development. Rules for fast-paced combat and other elements to capture the action of the TV show and role-playing game are being worked on right now. Likewise, sculptors are busy working on 3D rendered game pieces and artists are drawing up a slew of concept art. In fact, we saw the first of the sculpts: A Valkyrie in Fighter mode yesterday and a Zentraedi Gnerl Fighter today. Both are gorgeous!

I know there has been a lot of speculation about Palladium’s Robotech® RPG Tactics™ and the level of quality for the game and the game pieces. While I cannot yet reveal many details, you need to understand that all the key people involved on this project are, themselves, Robotech® fans.

As such, the goal of EVERYONE involved is to create a game and beautiful, accurate and detailed game pieces that will thrill Robotech® fans of every stripe. I know that’s a tall order, but that’s our goal. It also means bringing in some of the best people in the business to create what we hope will be a true masterpiece. And for those of you into miniatures, when you hear some of the names of the people involved, you are going to be very, very pleased. I also think the scope and scale of our plans are going to blow you away and delight Robotech® fans and gamers alike. This will be an “A-list” quality game line. Robotech® RPG Tactics™: Defense of Macross Island™ will launch a line of Tactical RPG boxed games and 1/285th scale game pieces for all eras of Robotech® mecha and spaceships. When it’s time to release more details, YOU will be the first to know. Meanwhile, spread word about this game. We want Robotech® fans everywhere to know about it.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Live Action Movie news

OOoooooohhh Pretty

In other news the Live-Action Robotech Movie is moving forward. They have a director. Good News for all the Robotech Fans out there.

Here's the link


Another link with the directors AWESOME commercial in it..

Friday, January 18, 2013

Palladium's update mentions me... cool!

Macross island - the scene for the first tabletop game... what would you like to see?

Another update from Palladium.. 

It doesn't say too much except that I'm excited about the project.. well I am and you should be also. I'm getting into the play testing and the game so far looks really great! In all honesty, I want to see this game do well. There is so much playability here and in all the other eras as well.. 

-Tom Roache

Here is the blurb from the Palladium Books update mentioning me.. I think it's very cool to be a part of all this!

UPDATE: Robotech® RPG Tactics™

Robotech® RPG Tactics™: Defense of Macross Island™ – things are moving forward for this box game that will launch a line of 1/285th game pieces for all eras of Robotech® mecha and spaceships. The rules are being hammered out, sculptors and artists are working away and I believe there is even some play-testing going on. I expect to have a telephone conference call with the heads of our development team later this week and/or early next week. One of the things to be addressed is what we can start revealing, and when, since those in the loop, like us and Tom Roache, are super-excited. You will be too. More details to come, when I can reveal them. The Rifter® #61 has a bit more information (perhaps even some details I should not have yet revealed, so another reason to get this publication). ;)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

January 10th is my Birthday and we have an update.

The Big Guns

From Palladium: palladium-books january-10-2013 weekly-update

UPDATE: Robotech® RPG Tactics™

Robotech® RPG Tactics™: Defense of Macross Island™ – Palladium’s box game that will launch a line of 1/285th game pieces for all eras of Robotech® mecha and spaceships, is in full development and on the fast track to production. Sculptors are sculpting, artists are drawing, writers are working on the rules, and people are already scheduled for play testing parts of it.

More info as we get it.. big announcements are coming soon..