Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Clarifications, Progress and Trolls

Excalibur Warhamer which is it?
Ok, So we think that we are on to something. A big something.. Jon Paulson and myself are working together to see a dream of ours become a reality. If your reading this I guess that you would have an interest in seeing this project happen. I have recently seen this blog site reach 3,000 hits and I never thought that would happen in a year let alone three weeks. Jon's miniature page has just hit 20,000 page hits for his outstanding miniatures.
A Tabletop miniatures game based on the License Robotech. Here in the US it has to be Robotech, not Macross or any of the current Macross related releases. Just Robotech. But under that umbrella of Robotech you get a very big world to play in. For starters you get The Macross Saga (which is where Robotech Battles Currently resides in), then you get the Second Robotech war with the Robotech Masters versus the Southern Cross, The Invid invasion where the invid claim the planet and humanity fights back and then you have the Shadow Chronicles. You can also add other offshoot occurances such as the Malcontent Uprisings, histories pulled from game and RPG adaptations and then there is the Sentinels histories. So you see there is a ton of History and Fluff to the Universe. We will be getting to these remaining timelines all in due time. We need to focus on getting the ball rolling and licensing first. To produce a game you have to start somewhere. I started at the begining with the first half (or so) of the first Robotech War. There were a few items that were purposely omitted from the rules and the initial playtests so that way I wasn't overloaded with things to design. Several people have pointed out certain omissions with the rules as they stand currently. Some of the ommissions include the Mac II - Monster, the excalibur (Warhammer to the BT guys), the scout Battle Pod, and super Veritechs to name a few. Well I will be adding these Mechs and others to the rosters but I need to follow the timeline in the series a bit. The Excalibur and the Scout pod will  be seen soon in the next rules update and in future scenario designs. The next version of the rules (version 1.5) is on my desk and being revised to include the 1/285 scale that we have decided to use and overall design tweeks to make the game better to play and understand. The other missing mechs will be added to the line as further releases and rules are developed. They just don't need to be introduced yet with the current rule set. We want to see the current game and line of miniatures start small so that the lines can build on themselves. Producing too much in a small time frame is a recipe for disaster and will be a nightmare to produce. This is still dependant on if we get the green light to run with our project. All we want is the Agreement to move forward. We are in talks with Palladium because they are the ones that hold licence with Harmony Gold to produce Robotech Roleplaying games. Producing Tabletop miniatures Games is not something Palladium has done before but they seem to be interested in the project and Want to discuss it with us. I feel the need to clarify one point here is that Palladium is graciously talking with us to see what we can do to get this project going. Thank you Palladium Books for taking the time to speak with us.
Lastly, I just want to touch on a subject that has had a negative effect to almost every forum and website that has ever been created. the Troll... the guy that has nothing better to do except talk negatively about things that he has NO business talking about. Didn't you ever hear the phrase "if you have nothing good to say, it's better to say nothing at all", this applies to Trolls.. For everyone else, we welcome your comments both good and critical. We want to make a solid game and high quality miniatures, so your suggestions are welcome and your support is appreciated.
Playtesters Wanted.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

First off - Welcome to our friends at The Black Ocean. They have decided to promote Robotech Battles. Chris over there ia a big supporter so go and check out his site. They have super easy access to all the rules.. Get them free while you can, because if talks go well I may not be able to offer the rules for free anymore..

The Black Ocean

"Your home for Firestorm Armada and Sci Fi Wargaming"
Now heave to, charge your fold engines, and run out your guns, The Black Ocean is upon you.
check out their facebook page and give them a "Like"

Below is what they have to introduce our game.

Robotech Battles

We are pleased to announce that The Black Ocean will be hosting files for the new game in developement Robotech Battles. This is a miniature game that takes place in the Robotech universe where humans now fight in giant mecha against an ailen menace. See the "Vault" above for the hosted files.

Soon look for updated files for all the Mecha and zentaedi paper figures.. currently the figures are in 1/144 scale. Since Jon and I have decidede to go with the Battletech scale miniatures we are going to use 1/285 scale.. So the current paper figures should be printed at half scale.. Also Jon has a few paper figs available for download over at his facebook page at!/RobotechMiniatures

Also I'm submitting a kicksatarter to get Red Duke Gaming up and running.. More info soon!!

Thanbks everyone for all your support. Now we are averaging around 100 hits a day down from the 2000 hits in three days for the initial TGN article. Did you catch the latest Robotech Battles information on the D6Generation Podcast? I puchased a small ad for episode 99, but beside that they mentioned us in their "What's in the News" section.. I guess a grassroots advertising campaign can work..

Friday, March 16, 2012

First off thank You everyone for the last 48 hours and over 1,400 hits on the Blog.. WOW, Thank You for your support.. Keep it up!



Now to help a good friend of mine Tim, I'm posting his great project.

Blackwater Gulch Kickstarter Launched!

I'm very pleased to announce the launch of the Blackwater Gulch Kickstarter Program!

If you are unfamiliar with Kickstarter, it is a website that allows a company to get the funding they need for a new product or service, directly from fans and potential customers. I am using Kickstarter get the funding needed to produce box sets for the game. These sets will include 5 unique 30mm miniatures, 5 premium Character Cards and a "quickstart" rulebook, all packaged in a handy foam-lined plastic case that you can use to store and transport your figures. 
Potential backers are essentially pre-ordering one or more of the upcoming box sets, in addition to bundled deals with scenery pieces, and even the opportunity to create your very own character or gang that will be permanently added to the storyline for the game world! 
For more information, please visit my Kickstarter page at: 
There, you will find all the information on how to support the game, and what different packages are offered, in addition to sample sculpts and concept art for new figures that that will be included. 
So, please check it out, and for more information on the game you can visit my website at
Tim @ Gangfight Games 
PS: Here's a new sculpt I just got from Brother Vinni, haven't shown him off yet :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Soooo The good news.. I posted an article to Tabletop Gaming News:

This blog exploded to about 160 hits in the first hour of the article release... at the time of posting this (roughly 7 hours later) - 570 hits - I can't thank everyone enough!!

The better news - I'm working with Paulson Games to get the miniatures produced. The minis look AMAZING!!!/RobotechMiniatures
The great news.... Palladium is reviewing the project and are excited about it.
More Info to come.. Stay tuned!

Here was the full article I sent to Tabletop Gaming News: It got chopped up alot before it was posted..

Hello Everyone, My name is Thomas Roache, PE. I'm the developer putting together Robotech Battles a 3D tabletop miniatures skirmish game. Myself and Jon Paulson are looking for interest in a Tabletop Game and Miniatures set in the Robotech Universe.

Here is a little blurb to get the ball rolling about my game..

"Welcome to the Tabletop Miniatures Skirmish Game based on Robotech from the Japanese version of the Anime Series Macross. Robotech Battles is a 3D Tabletop Skirmish Game where you can either be human or the alien Zentradi in the First Robotech War. You are the RDF pilot in control of Devastating Transformable Mecha battling for the earth’s survival, or the alien commander in control of the hordes of giant aliens bent on war and domination. Aerial Dogfights, missile trails filling the sky, and Mecha on Mecha combat give you the player, a taste of the Robotech Universe. Play out your favorite scenes from the Robotech series in this skirmish game where the fate of the First Robotech war can be decided on the results of your battles."

Jon Paulson of Paulson Games, has been developing several prototype miniatures for Robotech. Is a casting company that produces a range of miniatures and parts used for wargaming.

Both Jon and myself have approched Palladium Games with the hopes of producing Quality Miniatures and getting a quality game produced for everyone that enjoys Robotech.

On to the big news:

Talks with Palladium concerning a Robotech Miniatures Game and a Robotech Miniatures line. Here is the quote from Palladium:

● Palladium has been approached by two different people about making a Robotech® miniatures game. We are currently entertaining the possibilities.

Original article is here with a follow up:
March 8th update

We are talking with Palladium Books about the project. We need their Help to get our much needed foot in the door for the Licensing of the project. Both Jon and I believe a solid Robotech Miniatures game is long over due and would get a lot of notice if we can get the word out. We've always wanted to see Robotech on the Tabletop and we hope you have also. All we are asking is that you take a minute and show your support for getting A Robotech Tabletop Miniatures game and a line of amazing miniatures produced; Let Kevin at Palladium know that your interested in seeing this happen. So please make sure to go on their forums and on facebook and leave them a comment saying: yes I want a game and those minis!

Follow up on Palladiums forums palladium-forums and also on their facebook page here:

Monday, March 5, 2012

Discussions on a Robotech Miniatures Game

Exciting Times are Here!!  -  Use your turn signals!!

Help Us Get the game moving further.. Tell your gamer buddies and tell your friends.. Tell Harmony Gold.. Spread the word.. Join these and other forums, and become a member here. I like the idea of getting more hits on the website.. I'm seeing great numbers recently (around 400 hits a month) and it makes me very satisfied knowing that people are stopping in and are interested in seeing how things are progressing. I would like to request that you can add a comment or two. Feedback is greatly appreciated (good or bad = better game for you) For example: Thank you Scott for the great Comment you posted on Saturday (3/3/12).

I realize that that hasn't been much new content, but their are reasons... I think I can tell people a little more of whats happening.

We are talking with Palladium Books about the project. We need their Help to get our much needed foot in the door for the Licensing of the project. They already are on good terms with Harmony Gold and they are doing great things for HG. I feel that the Robotech Battles Tabletop miniatures Game can be a great step towardes further reinvigorating the Robotech Name. Palladium are developing alot of great projects dealing with the role playing side of Robotech but they are busy with their current projects. I want to see Robotech Battles move forward and alot of people want to see a robotech miniatures game be made. It's a matter of getting the word out that this is a worthwhile project to Palladium. Check out Palladium's website to read more and also add some feedback on their forums. There are even a few links mentioning us and I hope you will support both Palladium and Robotech Battles.
Also please "like" their Facebook page and let them know that your intereted in seeing Robotech Battles get made. Having you guys ask means alot more than if it comes from me.

Miniatures: What do you want to see.. I think I have told you  guys about all I can about what I want to see.. It's your turn. As I've said size matters.. but small 1/285th size is the most economical... If that is what the folks out there want then I'll make sure that my game will support it and make the game create all the battles you dreamed about growing up. The miniatures for the game are in development. They will be made and when I can talk about them further I will..
Comment all you want.. Please

Also before I forget, Check out the D6Generation Podcast for some great information on Board, Roleplaying and Miniature Games. They have done some Shout-outs for Robotech Battles in the Hollywood Minute portion. Great Stuff and "not too horrible"