Friday, June 8, 2012



   Jon Paulson Games has not been given the green light to produce miniatures for the Tabletop Game set in the Robotech Universe. John Paulson of Paulson Games was officially told by Palladium Books ( a license holder for Robotech) that he will not be used for this project. I was informed that this was purely a business decision and has no bearing on the quality and craftsmanship that he provided in the prototype sculpts that he has produced and shown around. Palladium Books currently hold the license that I am attempting to acquire for a rules system and now gaming miniatures.
    There are many decisions that are being discussed concerning the future of a Robotech Miniature game currently at Paladium and Harmony Gold. I'm hoping that there is still room for the rules development side of this project within Palladium and I hope we get the blessing fro Harmony Gold. I have had many discussions with Palladium and I'm positive that there is still alot of excitement in seeing this project move forward. I hope that all the parties involved see the great potential to bringing a fantastic Universe like Robotech back to the gaming mainstream. Among the current Robotech RPG fan base at Palladium there has been very good feedback and people really want to see this game made, I just hope that Harmony Gold and Palladium see the potential value from the fans of the Miniature Games that are out there. Recent events with the larger game companies have caused many gamers to look for more cost effective alternate game systems. This game system has the potential to get a big gamer following. Most gamers have heard of or know about Robotech. I know several people who started gaming because of  Robotech.   I did.
   Ok I think I have ranted enough. Should I get the green light in moving this project forward I will need to pursue other avenues in getting miniatures created for the game. I have several ideas on where to go for quality miniatures but we shall see.

In the meantime Check out Jon Paulson's website:

Good luck John, and wish me luck on keeping this project going. So I'm back to waiting...


Hivemind aka Starminer said...

That's sad news. I really liked what I was seeing for those miniatures.

I hope this does not bode ill for a future relationship for you with Palladium and these really good rules.

Mecha Ace said...

That is a shame, I saw your post on Facebook as well and commented on that too. I can't help but feel they've dropped the ball a bit on this, as little has been done with the Robotech licence for many a year really, and it seems a shame that despite all your efforts they seem content to let it stay that way.

Anonymous said...

It's not going to happen. Remember, Siembieda has a death grip on his company and insists on writing EVERYTHING because only his work is adequate. Meanwhile the company suffers, as KS is at best a very spotty writer, overly detailing some bits while totally ignoring others. The man has a huge ego; I've been watching him and his company for years now.

WilhelmRochRedDuke said...

I allowed this post to demonstrate something. Freedom of speech. This Anonymous post is really looking to flame Palladium. He couldn't be MORE WRONG in all of his statements. Kevin does control his company as all good owners should. If he didn't then the company would fail.. how can a company fail when its producing new material, staying in business during a tough economy and paying his employees.. The poster goes on to say a few overly general and non-justifiable comments which amount to making himself look bad.. Good job on that. I you watched the company grow and rebound after a few tough years, you failed to mention that. I for one have been dealing directly with Kevin and He has not once shown ego or belittled the project that I'm championing. I'm glad to be working with Kevin and I do not feel like a freelancer to be taken advantage of but an associate to be worked with. I wanted to show this post to show everyone that when you read posts, the negative ones really don't mean crap. I want to see this project proceed even more now. Just to spite the negative ANONYMOUS trolls out. there. -TOM

Tamwulf said...

I agree with what Anonymous said. I've "been around the block" so to speak, playing many of Paladium games. I've even met Kevin and chatted with him for a bit.

It's very hard for me to have anything positive to say about Mr. Siembieda and his company. So I won't.

Good luck in your ongoing, continuing negotiations, and I hope to see a Robotech Miniatures game on the table some day! I will leave you with this though: You are far from the first person to try and get something like this done. May you have the willpower, tenacity, energy, and money to be successful.