Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Decisions on Moving Forward - Yes or No

I wish I could find again the artist who did these wire frames, they are truly amazing.

To everyone that has been leaving comments, thanks for the support.. I have some decision making to do.. The big questions that I need to answer is should I continue.. I have completed my initial goals to get a game in the works and get a Robotech miniatures line considered. Actually I want to see Miniatures all in the same SCALE!!) Well it seems that these two goals are being carried out. Palladium has stated in their newsletter/postings that a miniature roleplaying aids (minis) will be created. Other projects are being researched and reviewed to expand the Robotech License. I have been asked to be a part of some of that research along the lines of possible additions to their RPG systems. RPG Gaming rules using miniatures are in the realm of those systems. With what I've created so far, there will need to be changes and adaptations. So there are going to be limitations to the current game as is.. Red Duke Gaming is the Company I'm creating to move the process along. I will let everyone know what I've decided in the next few weeks. Look for some possible revisions soon and hopefully some pics of possible figs in the next few months..
The next few weeks before GenCon will be crazy..

Lets keep this Train wreck moving? Yes or No.. this should be interesting! Let me know and give me your feedback. Also hit up the Robotech Battles page on Facebook.. Since your here, Post comments below. Also please; no trolling - anonymous posts will be reviewed for content and most likely deleted as spam.


Mecha Ace said...

Keep going. I think there's good potential for it, and would love to see it.

Captain Rufus said...

I want to see a Macross/Robotech minis game and line. I don't want a Palladium system game.

Anonymous said...

So who's doing the new sculpts?

The Battle Pod I saw on Dakka was freakin amazing. Lots of detail for such a small model; far better than the models I've seen for Battletech.

Mech Dude said...

Tom, I think you should pursue working on your own system and getting your own game running.

Helping get the robotech miniatures to be an actual product is a major victory to be a part of and it's something you'll be able to feel good about.

But I know from experience there's nothing more rewarding than making your own product and seeing it being used out in the real world by other gamers. Everytime I see my parts being used at a convention it's such a positive boost to know it's well recieved.

When you work under other people you have to compromise and limit your passions, group projects will typically place a cap on your aspiration and in many cases you can come out loathing what you once had a lot of love for.

Working for yourself is very tedious at times but it's far more rewarding than just playtester credits in somebody elses book.

I think you have promise with making your own system work and a good idea of where you want to go. The only limit you're going to have is what you decide to place on yourself, where working with others they determine the limits.

It may take longer shouldering it on your own but it's something that will be yours forever and being able to say I made this and people enjoy it is a feeling that's imposisble to beat.

Don't waste you tallent on people who don't deserve it, build your own stuff :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Tom .. just say this posted

Does this mean they're taking your ball and going home? Or are you gonna be involved? If they're trying to cut you out of the deal, I would suggest just taking the rules you made and building an all new game around it. Plenty of starving artists out there who would love to help you come up with cool ginormous robots :)


Anonymous said...

I want to see a Robotech Mini's tabletop warfare game... not mini's used during an RPG game.

This is where Palladium will just mess it up with their clunky, confusing, out of date rules for an RPG system.

WilhelmRochRedDuke said...

Update on Everything soon!