Thursday, October 20, 2011

Prep for Demos

Minmei's uncle's restaurant on Macross Island
 Ok so I'm building a portable table for Game Demos. Actually what I building is a game mat that can be put onto a 4'x6' table. The design is based on the first episode of the Robotech Series "Boobytrap" where the Zentraedi are invading Macross Island. The table will have a large landing strip down the middle of the board with cityscape on one side and open areas on the other. To all a quick note on painting indoors.. Always let your spraypaint dry outside or use a spray booth or something.. The wife was not happy that I was spraypainting.. The fumes were pretty bad.
Back to the table.. I have alot of work to do to get a few blocks worth of buildings.. And I'll need to make alot of 3, 6 and higher story buildings so that the people trying out the game will have enough stuff to blow up.. I'm going to probably build alot of 3 story sections that I can stack to get lots of varying levels. I have three weeks and no time, it should be interesting..
I recieved in the mail BUSINESS CARDS.. {insert happy dance here} The cards look great and I have a good amount to pass around. Also the CorSec Engineering telescoping flight stand that I ordered.. It will work out great. Just the thing to allow Mecha to change elevations effectively. I'm still waiting on missile stands that I ordered from Litko. I'm looking forward to seeing those on the table also. I plan on getting alot done this weekend starting with (hopefully) a release of version 1.3 of Robotech Battles Rules and then the release of the remaining Mecha paper cutouts. Currently there are 1/144 scale cutouts and smaller "battletech" or hero scale models for download.
For the cutouts, I would suggest printing the cutouts on a heavy paper or cardstock, or you can mount paper copies on plasticard to get a stiff standing mini that can then be mounted on a round or square base. When dealing with the minis, it's a good idea to denote the front of the mecha for determinig Front Line of Sights.
Let me know what you think of the progress and let me know if you will be attending the Mechanicon on November 4-6 and I'll be demoing Robotech Battles Friday and Saturday in the evening. Let me know and I would love to discuss the game with anyone thats interested.

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