Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Look, a big damn Hero
 Hi people,
I'm in a bit of a hobby rut.. As much as I want to sit down and paint 500 points of Dark Eldar I have sitting on my desk.. I just can't get to it. I have plenty of tweaks to do on Robotech Battles that will take up a good portion of my freetime. Family and Life in general leaves me with not alot of freetime to work with.. I'll keep trudging along the best I can though..
I do have to say that RB the game is getting better and smoother to learn. Things have been condensed, streamlined ( I really do like that word!) and tweaked for the better. Playtest results are great and the game is feeling more cinematic every time a new game is played. Speaking of gameplay, the current way things stand is that mecha are dying rather quickly if your ganged up on.. It might sound simple but your gonna blow up quick... So the "I'll fly across the table and shoot everyone within 12 inches" approach.. won't work. When you stand still the opponent will take advantage..

Everyone should be looking for Revision 1.4 soon. This revision takes into some balance issues and will help make getting into close combat easier. I need to get the other Mecha into more playtesting as well.. So I will get the other Figs onto the download section soon.. (I know I've said that before... they are coming)
Thanks for reading

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