Thursday, November 3, 2011

Terrain, Tables, and Krimpets

maple frosting, where have you gone....
OK, great topic header, I'm positive you will never see this headline anywhere onto the explanation.

Most of you know (at least the people that have any interest in this blog anyway) that I'm prepping to do demos of Robotech Battles at the Mechanicon Tournament tomorrow (November 4th) and Saturday the 5th. So I'm building a table and terrain, to scale, for the games.. Not an easy process and I have a full night of airbrushing to do tonight... but all the buildings are made and in order to be finished, they still need windows.. I'll have pics to show and share soon.. The Table is portable and it can be broken down into 2 foot by 2 foot squares so I'll have no problems setting up and transporting.. no worries.
The terrain is sizable and there are maybe 17 pieces so I think I'll be able to trasnport everything without damage. So far I'm 2 for 3.. On to the Third Item... Tastykake Krimpets....
Here's the story, Last year I competed in the Mechanicon grand Tournament For Warhammer 40k.. I had some great games, played on some amazing tables and met some really great people.. Some of the people I hung out with were not from the area, so I knew the West Chester Pa area and showed them a place for a good lunch and I gave them a box of the Limited Edition Tastykake Pancake Krimpets. Never having tasted all the tastykake goodness, the box of krimpets did not last long. All in all the GT was a great experience for alot of people. I'm disappointed that I couldn't play again this year due to time constraints, but I'm there to promote my game for the time that I have.
Now the problem ... There are no Limited Edition Tastykake Pancake Krimpets this year.. none. I've checked and hunted.. They would have been out by now.. The seasonal snack cakes have all been released and now I'm seeing the christmas stuff... but no pancake krimpets... (Yes They are THAT GOOD).
Looks like I'm going to the GT empty handed with no krimpets to pass to my friends.. I guess we'll have to settle for creme filled Butterscotch krimpets (this years limited edition flavor)..
maybe next year

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