Thursday, May 3, 2012

WOW 50 Posts...

Here is a thought provoking article about Games workshop and the ever changing Gaming Community. Frontline Gamer discusses past and present thoughts and ideals about GW and how things are perceived by us, the gamer community..
A worthy read for anyone. This is a well written article and there are many an idea that ring true here.

In regards to Robotech Battles, it seems that Palladium is giving everything a hopeful look, but there will not be any discussions or progres until after their Open House this weekend (May 4th-6th). Until then I'm getting great response to the Robotech Battles : Macross rules that were sent out for playtesting. There is a great debate over elevations and of course the reworking of the Close combat rules to make gameplay less confusing and more fun to play. I'll be getting back into the rules discussions and retweejing as soon as I get real world issues controlled. Drop me a line here or on the forums with your thoughts and comments on the rules.
I've acquired the proposed cover art for the rules, as much as I want to put a mecha on the cover there is too much different types of artwork out there to choose from. I'm looking to have a diarama scene of te actual miniatures on the rear cover.

Robotech Miniatures has also updated the fun rules (Version 1.6) that were tested at Adepticon, and reposted the cardstock miniatures and a scenario.

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