Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What a little paint can do

07-07-12 EDIT: All Pics were removed of the Prototypes from Paulson Games - removed by request from the owner of the pics (Jon Paulson)

So Robotech Miniatures sent off some of the Prototypes to Nottingham UK for a nice little paintjob.. And Oh what lovely trip it was.. The minis were painted.. Since pictures are worth a thousand words.. I can stop typing now. Go to!/WinterdyneCommissionModelling for a great miniature paintjob!!!

Also I wanted to post some info on a great group of gamers that are looking for some support. Gaming for a Cure. Check out their site and if your in Michigan go to thier event.
The Cherry Capitol Con is coming up real soon and we would like to invite everyone who attends to stop by our booth and see us.  We will have pamphlets and posters available for anyone who wants to help us spread the word that we have become the game event to attend in Northern Michigan.

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