Monday, August 27, 2012

Um... Yes, big things ARE happening.

I love this look to the RDF logo - It would make an amazing cover... to something

   Ok, so It's been 1 year and 5 days since I started this Blog.. ( I missed my own blog anniversary) and as I type this we've had 15,542 hits on the blog with almost 4,000 hits back in March when It was announced that a Miniatures game was in discussion with Palladium. Many phone calls later my persistence has paid off. There will be supplements to the Robotech RPG with miniatures. In what capacity, you'll just have to wait. until then know this...

MINIATURES ARE COMING and Hopefully things can be worked out for a Robotech® Tactical Role-Playing Game.. It remains to be seen whether Robotech Battles will be a part of that process but I'm hopeful that we can be a big help.

See this great post from Palladium Books on the Subject..
The new miniatures will not be your standard lead and pewter paperweights from 2004.. Look for some amazing cutting edge miniatures... More on that from Palladium later on as well.. I guarantee 2013 will be big for Robotech Fans

In even better news. I am in the process of getting under license a Gaming Company for my future dealings into the Game development Community. My partner is on board and I'm finalizing the paperwork now. As soon as I speak with 2 more people, things will be steamrolling from there.. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

So is this another game that basically rips off my revisions of Greg B over at TMP’s adaptation of Mobil Soldier in Action rulles? Or is it something new?
We all know my Robotech miniatures rock!


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Lucas said...

Great News!

Thank you for pushing so hard to make this happen. I hope that you get to be involved in making a Robotech miniatures game, because you've certainly earned it!