Friday, September 28, 2012

Progress and Who is the Big Name in Game Design

Things are moving now!

Palladium announced that they are working to Nail down agreements with a big name Game design Company for the Robotech Tactical Role-Playing Game. So who do you think is the possible Big Name game designer? Who would be crazy enough to do a full line (in the same scale) of Miniatures.. er uhm sorry  "Game pieces"... I can't say... I want to, but I signed stuff.. Stay tuned to see if Robotech Battles will be part of this endeavor. Since I started this whole mess.. I want to be on the front lines to see it through.. What do you think?

Here is the latest on the game system. Direct from Kevin S.
This week has been jumping with activity on this front as Palladium works to nail down a formal agreement with the force we want behind the design of the game, packaging and sculpting. Emails and telephone calls have been flying, I have a draft agreement to review tonight, and follow-up calls to make tomorrow with this group as well as Harmony Gold. It is an adrenaline rush that should result in products that will wow and delight Robotech® fans of every stripe. Starting with plans to bring you more RPG products and gorgeous 1/285th game pieces for all eras of Robotech®.
Here is the full link to the update:

My Commentary:

   and Yes he said ALL ERAS OF ROBOTECH!!! So Trolls, stop with all the negativity on Palladium. People actually read the comments you write. (I would prefer to read the truth over fantasy..) On some of the boards I've seen a great amount of negativity towards Harmony Gold, Palladium Books and previous Robotech IP projects. This endeavor is NOTHING like what has been attempted before. You can't judge this project from other projects in the past..This is a whole new universe.
The scope of the project:
Minis: (or Game pieces). If the miniatures are anything like the prototypes that Paulson Games created, There are going to be some happy fans.. With the buzz that I'm hearing is realized then the miniatures that we'll get will be better!
The Game system: This project is not aimed at just Role-Players either. When I started the ball rolling with my initial project, I was looking to other gamers for support and interest. I looked at table-top gamers, Board gamers, Anime Fans and Role-players as the target audience. This is not something aimed at just Role-Players or just Robotech Fans. This project has great potential to reach many people outside of the current Robotech Fan base and I hope I can have a hand in seeing that potential realized. Its always good to have too many games to choose from.The way things look from this side of the internet, I betting this will be a great game.

 All I ask, is that if you like Robotech then try to get behind this project and give it your support.. One ounce of support is always better than anything negative.


Anonymous said...

I think a lot of the negativity that you are seeing on the forum comments is due to Palldiums track record of promising the best thing since sliced bread and continually failing to deliver on those promises.

Kevin beats his chest about how great his current book is then completely sails past any sort of deadline, Palladium books tend to arrive years behind schedual; if at all.

I was excited to hear that there might be a prospective Robotech game in the works but as soon as I heard that it would be a Palladium release that really just killed any interest for me. They have been around a long while but they aren't a very professional gaming company.

Their rpg systems are very clunky and they have never published a product that leads me to believe that they have any understanding of a steamlined product let alone knowledge of how to make a proper miniature systems.

They have a very long history of fumbling their way through releases, I don't see any reason why this time around it'll be any better.

Maybe by some grace of God they'll manage to make it all work and have their first innovative product in decades, but I'm not holding my breath on it.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy baiscally being called out on this blog... "Troll" is not what many of the negative post have been about, it has more to do with the nature of past blogs by this group, and the extreme focus on the Macross Era, and neglect of the Later 2 eras... or the fact when Palladium didn't sign on initially, you delted your facebook page, and started a "Macross Minis" page the next day begging the Robotech fans to join it...