Monday, April 22, 2013


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Oscar Simmons said...

There has been a lot of discussion and suggestions on the Kickstarter about this game/demo. Good news is backers are very pleased. Even better news is they have great rule ideas on making it better. Here are a few (I've plagerized others ideas and included my own).

1. We would rather see something other than an all or nothing approached to missile defense. Anti-missile defends against each missile that "hits" (multiple sources) with a roll against it's rating.
Anti-Missile. Perhaps for each number you exceed the to-hit for, it takes out an additional missile. Need a 4+, roll a 5, 2 missiles go down. Some could even have a -2+ or something, meaning they always get at least 1 (Eric)

2. Reduction in effectiveness based on damage taken (multiple). I saw you had the damage points lined up in rows on the Destroids. Maybe once a row is gone, there is potential for some ill effect, like a critical hit. 2nd row gone the critical hit chance increases, same with the 3rd+ rows. Leave the Battlepods with only 1 row of damage, so they don't take criticals like a Destroid or Valkyrie but die a lot faster (Donald). For the Valkyrie, a potential critical could result in being stuck in current mode (theo).

3. In the series, missile shots became a furball of activity. To replicate that, missiles burn for two turns and attack based on their own "gunnery" value for the seeker head. I envision the following turn sequence:

a. Activate the unit and declare missile attack (this would use a unit's action for the turn). Allocate the Salvo to your targets. In range shots allocate dice next to the model. Long-range missile shots (double normal range) are simply placed on the target's card.

b. Conduct movement. (Note it is possible to get behind a unit even as missiles are traveling toward it).

c. Take normal actions. Models which used a missile attack may now use command points to conduct a direct fire attack.

d. Resolve attacks. Roll missile and direct fire attacks with dice next to the targets. Missile attack dice which miss are placed on the target's card. The target can use command dice to dodge all hits or use the antimissile special ability, if available.
- A successful Dodge cancels all hits.
- The antimissile system engages ALL inbound missiles, defending against both hits next to the model and misses on the card.

Surviving hit dice on the target do damage and are removed.

Missile dice on the target's card, from long range or normal range misses) are completely resolved when the target's unit is activated. Hits are defended normally and misses are lost.