Friday, April 26, 2013

Interviews updates and Wow what a ride!!

Soooo, You wanted a monster.. You got it and a little more in the pic.. hhhmmmmm...
OK so there has been alot of activity, I mean a CRAP TON of activity concerning the Robotech Kickstarter. We have been working on a stretch goal a day. Things are slowing a bit.. but the forecast is good and this could go to 1 million or more.. I dare all the fans to make this go over 1 million, I dare you!.

I am soo impressed with the handling of the Kickstarter so far, Ninja Division is doing a great job keeping the interest up and I cannot belieive the number of people that are contributing to the comments thread.. Those comments are being looked at and the Ninjas are coming back with new and imaginative backer goals.. There are some great people in the comments threads who are providing excel worksheets to calculate you pledges and people who are really answering questions quite well.

I have seen a new forum pop up along with the Kickstarter for the people who have pledged and Love Robotech..  Its even moved servers already because of the demand.. There is some great information there as well..

On to the NEWS ...
Palladium has been doing there own advertising and Interviewing for the Kickstarter..
Kevin's interview with MTV Geek is here:

As well as Palladiums new Weekly Update: Great stuff.. and remember all the Robotech RPG books are currently on sale from Palladium.

Enjoy all the good news

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