Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Force Organizations

Here is the preliminary Force organizations you can use to build your armies..
There is much to be be released as of yet and still no word on the Special characters.. but there is alot here and alot to be guessed at.. But we are still hearing word that there is more after all this..

First Off the UEDF: There is still speculation on the shadowed out mecha in the Support Cards section. The Destroids looks to be fleshed out rather well..

For the Zentraedi: in the shodows are TROOPS!!  LOTS OF TROOPS..  and the elusive FPA (looks like)
ANd the Third Faction - the Malcontents will have plenty of troops to draw from..

 With goals being reached and new items for sale  like the new Battle Foam bags.. there is not much that a Robotech Fan could want... except the Masters and the Invid sagas.. then there is the Shadow chronicles...
 More updates to come...

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