Monday, May 20, 2013

Thank You

To all, 
We are coming down to the final day of the Kickstarter. As of this posting we have 4,473 backers and the pledge is at $1,113,587.. I'm floored!! wait 4,474 and $1,113,827.. wow fast..
I would like to take a few moments of your time to say how utterly Thankful I am that each and every one of you are here. When this KS started I was worried that this would not see $500K pledge let alone a million+. YOU all have really stepped up and made this a worthwhile project. The small snowball of an idea has been turning into an avalanche. This could NOT have happened without Palladium Books and Kevin S. Also this KS would be nothing without the skill and hard work of the people at Ninja Division led by John C. Their Ninjas have been pushing, teasing, and designing the stuff that we have all been waiting for more than 25 years for..
I have a favor to ask..
When you can spare a moment I would like to ask you to give a Thank you to the people That took the time to listen to a simple fan of Robotech with an idea. Post a Thank you on the Ninja Division and Palladium Books Facebook pages for the Robotech RPG Tactics project. If you could do that for me I would be appreciative.. Please repost this as necessary....

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