Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Krimpets part Duex!!

Were Back!! Did you miss me!

My wife came home from the store and said that she had a surprise for me... OK, I thought she would say something like I bought you this <Insert pastry goodness here>... then she said that I would wet myself when she told me... This piqued my interest a bit ... Needless to say that I really paid attention to what she said next... PANCAKE KRIMPETS are BACK!! and I bought two boxes that were on sale!... You should have seen the smile on my face and the spring in my step... (no, I didn't wet myself).. Not only are they back for a limited time, Tasycakes were on sale too!.. well I kissed my wife and said several thank you's to her and helped her put away the groceries. As I was doing this I would catch myself glancing at the two boxes of  snack cake goodness and then drool a little..,, Fun Times..
I normally don't go crazy over a snack cake, but I was really disappointed this year when I expected the limited edition krimpets to be out.. Check out why here terrain-tables-and-krimpets

As for the Game and the blog.. I'm starting to convert a veritech model into a battloid for possible scanning and prototyping.. the scale is 1/144 and I'm still deciding if that scale is going to be good for you guys, the gamers..

ALWAYS REMEMBER - Playtestors wanted... download the rules, grab some models, transformers, toys, proxies or even the cardstock minis that have available and PLAY! Check out the forums, log in,  and start posting..

As I sit here typing this, post I wipe the crumb of a Pancake krimpet from my mouth and smile

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