Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Start of January. Where did 2011 go?

Play test me!!
 I like seeing things move forward.. unfortunately.. The holidays have been keeping things busy.. I hope to have some time to move forward with Robotech Battles.. Namely the big elephant in the room.. licensing.. I have some phone calls to make and some dancing to do..
Moving into mid January I'll be adding to the forums a few things.. Namely scenario designs.. There will be a Post for each scenario that is intended with the initial book release. Those of you familiar with the series Robotech will know that there were 36 episodes to the first Robotech War.. I will be posting histories and preliminary scenarios for the first 18 episodes.. Not every episode will have a scenario but I think there will be plenty there to keep even the hardcore gamer interested. I will be concentrating on the first 18 episodes because I really saw "Farewell Big Brother" as a real turning point in the show and it is also the first half of the 36 shows. So keep checking into the forums as more content is added. I cannot know if there is anyone seeing this project as a good thing unless you post. So help a project out and give feedback.

Playtesting.. I could use some more of it.. I have done extensive playtesting of the VF-1A's and J's along with the Regults (Battle Pods). I need more playtesting of the Female power armor, VF-1S, Fighter pods and all the Battloids..  Also let me kow what you think of the aces..
PLease let me know what you think and I am always looking for more people to help on the project.. Talk at you soon!

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