Thursday, December 29, 2011


OK Robotech Fans... Hello and welcome to new faces that are seeing this site for the first time. I hope you have made it here by your own searches or found this site through other means. Also welcome to the D6Generation listeners that have found my blog. (D6G Podcast episode 94) There is much activity going on behind the scenes for Robotech Battles. I am always looking to improve the game as well as trying to get the word out that this is a playable Robotech Tabletop game.. If you enjoy tabletop gaming and you enjoy Robotech. So download the current rules and cardstock minis (found to the right in the download section). I would be happy to hear from you on what you thought of the rules. Tell your gaming buddies that play testers are wanted.

"How do I give you feedback on the rules", You ask!?    Why, "In the new Forums!", of course.
I have set up a forum for people to add their ideas and thoughts for the game as well as a place to give me better feedback to the current rules set. Do not be afraid to add your own recommendations for the game and wish listing is encouraged. The forums are really new and they are going to be improving constantly to give you a place to discuss all things Robotech and Robotech Battles.

I have lots of plans for Robotech Battles in its current format for the First Robotech War. Stay tuned for rules progress, Scenario development, The second and third Robotech Wars (Masters and new generation) and Zentraedi Uprisings.. I want to move towards getting a model line set up as well, but there is a big hurdle with licensing that I'm working on to get this game properly developed. 

Register now and Stay Tuned and in the meantime play a game or two..

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