Friday, April 20, 2012

Licensing and Moving Forward

Thanks Aris Kasiniodis for the great sign.

I have to say that there is a great feeling knowing that people support a project that you are working on.. It makes the late nights and all the effort worth it. Myself and Jon seem to be gaining a bit of a following.. (Mostly Jon due to the recent pictures of the painted prototypes). I hope that we can get a bit more people interested after Adepticon. Jon is there currently and will have some of the miniatures on display. (And there is a raffle) Go to Adepticon and check it out!!

Now why am I posting a disclaimer? It seems that many of the fans are asking about buying the miniatures and release dates and schedules and such.. Well We Have NO schedule as to when any game or miniatures can be released.. We cannot sell any miniatures or games at this point. If we try to make a dime off of any of this there will be legal action and you can probably say that the game or miniatures wouldn't be made. We are still early in the process of getting agreements and Licensing..We ask that everyone interested in this project be patient. Everything that we are currently doing is as fans of Robotech and to everyone legally involved we are doing this for our own enjoyment.

Aside from that I can say that things look Hopeful for the game and a line of miniatures and as of yesterday, Tommy Yune of Harmony Gold approached Jon to discuss the project a bit. Yesterday Jon posted on his Facebook page this bit of great news. RobotechMiniatures
I know that there is a lot of interest in the miniatures and want to thank everyone for showing their support. Your feedback is very helpful and the project has definately made an impact on the guys at Harmony Gold and Palladium.

I do want to remind everyone that nothing is being offered for sale. That can only occur if we get the proper liscensing in place and that may be quite a while. (and isn't for certain)

It does look positive as both companies are open to the idea, there is discussion going on but neither are officially commited yet. There's a lot of details to iron out which will take time.

As a fan I know I'd also want the models available immediately, but I do need to ask you guys to be patient. Tom and I are doing everything we can in order to get this out to the public but it's a very complicated thing to set up.

We'll continue to make updates available as we can :)
We so far have gotten feedback from Palladium and now Harmony Gold. They are open to the idea of proceeding. But everyone must remember that this is just the first step. There is a long process ahead of us before any deal gets on paper. I can only ask that people continue their support and we will try to keep everyone informed about whats going on. For all the people interested in seeing and playtesting the rules email me here and I'll get you a copy to review and test out. RobotechBattles(at)


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