Friday, April 6, 2012

NO MORE FREE DOWNLOADS - But wait there's More!

Ask for version 1.5 - Robotech Battles: Macross

Ok here we are and there are quite a few things on the horizon for people who want to see the miniatures in person.

First there is Adepticon. Jon Paulson of Paulson Games will be at Adepticon April 19th to the 21st and showing off the prototypes of the miniatures at his table. He has gotten Adepticon confirmation and will be running events each night 6-10pm Thur-Sat. Located in the Jr Ball room Foyer. (The thurs event may be in a differant room). He will be using his Combat system rules from the MSIA game system. Go check out the miniatures in action.
Adepticon's website Link

Palladium Books will be hosting their annual Open House May 4th to the 6th. The Palladium Crew will be hosting a roleplaying weekend. There will be a copy of the Latest Robotech Battles Ruleset to review and check out.
3DAY-Palladium-Open-House-Weekend link

On to the Big News.

After discussing the state of affairs with the Guys at Palladium Books it was decided that the easy access rules that people have downloading up to this point will be taken down from the site. I do not want to discourage anyone from still using those rules to playtest. But Moving forward it is imperative that we here at Robotech Battles put forth a good image to the folks at Harmony Gold. These are the people that hold the Licensing and approvals that we desperately need.
SO.. MOVING FORWARD THE PLAYTESTING RULES ARE ONLY AVAILABLE TO PEOPLE WHO CONTACT US HERE DIRECTLY. Sorry for the inconvienience, but we will still have the rules available for playtesting and the additional material such as paper figs will still be free to download.
The contact email is: RobotechBattles {AT}

So contact us and we will make sure you get a copy of the latest rules for playtesting. But if you see this as a good thing, it means that we are being taken seriously and there is a real chance that this game WILL happen. I have contacted Chris over at The Black Ocean to turn off the hosting of the rules there as well. (thanks Chris)

On to the Bigger news:
Since the game system will be set in a 1/285 scale the old 1/144 scale paper figs have been removed. They will be replaced with proper scale papre figs (hopefully this weekend).Once the new files are up grab some 40mm bases and get to playing.

On to the Best news - Version 1.5 of the Robotech Battles: Macross  rules will be available (via email) this weekend. The new set will include revised elevation rules, a new rule mechanic for a pilots resolve during combat, the stats for the Excalibur, and updated army list creation rules.

Whew Too Busy!!

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Hope this works out for you guys, having a Robotech miniatures game would be a dream come true!