Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Doing research

 Its a monster

I've been talking with many people about this project. It's been very enlightening and entertaining at the same time. What I need to do is the following:
I've got a game in place that desperately needs play testing.
I have a lawyer set to put together my LLC.
I've done some research on the business plan that I need to put together.
I have a comic collection that I need to consolidate and sell at  auction to fund this venture.
I have a big elephant in the corner that is the IP rights that I will need to secure.. Big ELEPHANT INDEED!
In time I will need a sculptor that can put together a prototype of some of the models that have never been built before...
And I need interest... There is a community out there that is in need of a new game. Advertising will be key to all this and I have a few ideas to get that ball rolling. Soon.

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