Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Robotech.... Yes you've heard of it!

Skull One

Ask pretty much any gamer out there and they at one point have heard about Robotech.  Whether it be through Video games on the X-box, PS2/PS3 or whatever handheld device you have or through Roleplaying games (RPG's by Palladium) or by the Anime brought to the US by Carl Macek and Harmony Gold.
Asking around you'll get odd responses about the story but most people remember transforming planes and giant robots. (This is before Battletech and Transformers). But everyone remembers this little beauty. The VF-1S Veritech a.k.a. Skull One - flown by Roy Fokker and then later by Rick Hunter. (Names have changed from the Macross series created in Japan). This is a very iconic plane, based roughly off the f-14 jet used by the real military. After seeing it its difficult to forget. The first time I saw one of the Veritechs transform, I was definately HOOKED. I remember being at home on Saturday mornings trying to "tune in" out TV set so that the picture quality was less than 50% static on the only Station that broadcasted Robotech. It wasn't even a standard station but one of the stations that your TV picked up if the weather was right. Those were the times that I would get bits and pieces of the three story arcs (never in order mind you) and try to get the big picture of the series. I finally convinced my mother to shell out the money for the 6 VHS Tape set that was offered of the first series. This was back around 1987. I still own those disks and my sons now watch the tapes before going to bed.
Good times

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