Saturday, August 27, 2011

Playtesting.. Interest

Ok So I'm still looking for playtestors. And I'm getting alot of interested people who want to do playtesting. That make me a very Happy Camper indeed. The more people that show interest the more this will be a game people will want to play. Trust me the game so far is quick, fun, and very much like the Robotech series. As a bonus it has the feel of Combat like in the Robotech:Battlecry console game.
With the new version it shouldn't take long to figure out the gameplay, and I will have that finished shortly. The new version will be ready to download for playtestors. Anyone that has already recieved a copy of Version 1.1 will automatically get access to Version 1.2. If you don't recieve notice then I will definately get you the location on where to download it from.
So if everyone can just be patient I will have Version 1.2 ready to playtest. 

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