Sunday, August 21, 2011

Played a small game - Wow, Fun!!

Ok, I played a game finally with the rule set and worked through some of the kinks.. Of course there is going to be a few kinks. But we thought the game really captured the feel of massive shooting and missles flying and buildings paying the price from all that firepower.
Some of the items that came up..
  • Too many action points - no additional action points generated at the start of the turn. Both player's action points are generated at the start of each plyers turn. This allows for each player to have points to react with and allows for more action point management than just shoot blow stuff up and move to the next one..
  • You can hold over 1 unused action point until the next turn.
  • terrain rules.. to simplify matters you can blow up terrain easier and there is still 4 types of terrain that you can use.
  • Missles within 12 inch follow the path of the target not the line from the target.
  • Missles within 12 inches impact that turn and not the following turn.
These and other things will be incorporated into the rules to speed up gameplay and limit confusion on how missles behave in combat..  City fights will be a bit more close quarter and space combat will see alot more missles flying around.
More playtesting required.
More to come!!

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