Sunday, September 11, 2011

Battle Report - 450 pts - 2 VF-1a's vs battle pods

Ok I played a game of Robotech Battles yesterday with my Gaming Club, The Green Dragons.
I played a game with two of our members Killeroo and Chris. We played a city game with lots of buildings and various terrain.
The game was 450 points where I played the RDF with 2 VF-1A Veritechs against two Battle pod squads with a light missile pod each unit each, (a total of 6 pods). We each deployed and I had gotten the first turn. Killeroo and Chris each played a zentraedi squad..
The Zentraedi deployed spread out and directly opposite the corner I deployed in. Both armies were ready and we started.
The Veritechs deployed in the sky (level 3) in jet mode. The planes moved forward and fired heavy missiles at the same centralized battlepod. Hopefully the missiles will destroy something next turn. Both veritechs transformed and awaited the zentraedi's turn at level 2. Chris boosted the targeted Battlopod into the adjacent building and two volleys of missiles missed him and did a few points of damage to the building but not enough to damage it. The remaining two missile volleys were out of the 12 inch range and would reach the target next turn. I was hoping both sets of missiles would hit the pod and destroy it. The other 5 pods moved towardes my guys and were out of missile range and fired a few lasers. My veritechs boosted and dodged their way out of most of the harm but a few points of damage got through. Two points were taken from one veritech as he got to ground level.
My turn. I moved one veritech and took a sniper shot at a battlepod which dodged out of my line of sight so I missed. I shot at another battlepod and did a few points of damage. The remaining heavy missiles impacted with the building and blew up the buldng removing the terrain piece from the table. Of course the battlepod that was there got out of the building and boosted out of the blast range. Those pods are fast when they want to be. The Other Veritech at this point lined up a sniper shot and took some more points off an already damaged pod. and I shot again with some ineffectual shooting.
Zentraedi turn. lots of movement and some  missiles were fired and laser shots taken but dodging out of line of sight and some shooting down of the missiles kept the veritechs relatively unharmed.
As the game moved on, the players were getting better accostomed as to what each model could do and how they needed to react to survive. finally the veritechs shooting was taking hold and battle pods started to drop. There was some missles that did some more damage to the previously wounded veritech but it never took enough damage to be an issue. The pods remained spread out and never really took advantage of their numbers to focus fire and really damage the battloids. At one point there was a one on one battle between a missile battle pod and a battloid that transformed to gerwalk mode. The missile pod had some lousy dice rolling and was summarily destroyed (along with the building he was just standing on) while trying to boost away from a huge wave of oncoming mid range missiles. that was a very cool battle. The last two pods were dispached in hand to hand combat. One Battloid engaged the two pods and scared one off. The first turn of combat had no damage handed out and the other battloi came close to assist. The next round had the pods both attack one battloid with a point or two of damage happening to the Battloid (I think). Anyway there was alot of dodgeing and boosting as the combat happened. The last turn the engaged battloid pushed one battlepod into the oncoming other battloid's path and then dispached the remaing battle pod with some brutal hits. The other Battloid engaged and destroyed the other pod just a easily.
Wow what a cinematic game.. I had a great time and all the pods were dispatched without a loss to the RDF Forces. Killeroo and Chris both had a great time and really thought the game was a blast to play. They both agreed that if they had focused on one target, the massed firepower of the battlepods and missiles could have been more effective. As it turns out there was always just enough reactions that the veritech's could use to keep them out of harms way. Seeing the missiles fly and the amounts of lasers shooting about there should have been alot more explosions early on; there was some great defensive moves made by the zentraedi.
That was a great time. Thanks Chris and Killeroo.. hope to see you across the table again soon.

Final Thoughts..
Massed firepower will work when a player can't react to it.
Blowing up buildings is cool.
some future changes:
Transforming can take place in the movement, ranged or Hand to Hand phase.
I think the Battlepods need a boost to the damage that they can give out. Strength 5 instead of 4 for their High powered lasers and in Hand to Hand.
Engaged Combatatnts may not be further than 6 inches from their initial opponent.

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