Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Uh... where's the pilot?
It's nice getting emails and posts about your projects.. Especially if it is good and positive comments. I've even found a few people who are more entusiastic about my project than I am..  I'm still moving the project ahead and I'm now looking at alternate funding.. I have added a donate button and I'll be surprised if I see a dime come out of it.. (Please surprise me!) but I'll have a bit more information on how you can help this project along soon.
On the hobby side of the game. I've played with a few models from Charaworks and they represented the VF-1A's great on the table.. I like the 1/144 scale but again the game will work just as easily with 28mm scale models from Battletech or from your favorite game line. I'll be posting up some GREAT paper card models that a fan put together for the game that are around 28mm or battletech scales. (Thanks again Easy E)  you can try out the smaller scale models for your game and let me know how it goes.. The downloads will be in the Rules download section on the right side of the page.
Thanks All

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