Sunday, December 4, 2011

Moving into the Holidays

SDF1 on Macross Island
So as things go, I've been busting my A$$ trying to get a huge land development project completed at work and It's been taking up all my free time.. There is big news on the project coming up soon. I hope to have good news. I'm doing some investigative work on licensing and legal work so I'll be posting more information as I get it.. Sorry for being so general, but As soon as I can get my head above water with work and Christmas shopping/decorating I'll be posting more.
Coming up:
Look for
-demo results
-pics of my demo table
-gameplay video
-release 1.4

Also all the paper figs slated for the initial release are available to download at the right side of the blog in the download section.
Thanks for checking things out.
Interesting things are developing.

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