Wednesday, December 14, 2011



VERSION 1.4 is HERE!!!

Sorry For the delay,
Go to the Download Link and Check out the new rules..
Please note that the link still says 1.3. I currently cannot update the text due to errors.
The new files are there and they are easier to download (Only 2 files)
Also all the Mecha that will be in the initail release are available as cardstok minis. You can play every mecha thats there are rules for.

Please note that the rules can be used for almost any scale miniatures or toys that you have currently have too. If you are using 1:100 scale or larger models I would suggest doubling all measurements that are in the rules. So break out the 1:72 mecha and old Robotech toys you have laying about and start gaming.

I will be playing the new rules this weekend and I will be taking pics of the game.. I'll keep you posted.

I would appreciate Some feedback on the dowload site and the rules themselves..
You can email me direct at :
Rolachey(AT)   (trying to discourage the spammers...)

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