Thursday, March 22, 2012

First off - Welcome to our friends at The Black Ocean. They have decided to promote Robotech Battles. Chris over there ia a big supporter so go and check out his site. They have super easy access to all the rules.. Get them free while you can, because if talks go well I may not be able to offer the rules for free anymore..

The Black Ocean

"Your home for Firestorm Armada and Sci Fi Wargaming"
Now heave to, charge your fold engines, and run out your guns, The Black Ocean is upon you.
check out their facebook page and give them a "Like"

Below is what they have to introduce our game.

Robotech Battles

We are pleased to announce that The Black Ocean will be hosting files for the new game in developement Robotech Battles. This is a miniature game that takes place in the Robotech universe where humans now fight in giant mecha against an ailen menace. See the "Vault" above for the hosted files.

Soon look for updated files for all the Mecha and zentaedi paper figures.. currently the figures are in 1/144 scale. Since Jon and I have decidede to go with the Battletech scale miniatures we are going to use 1/285 scale.. So the current paper figures should be printed at half scale.. Also Jon has a few paper figs available for download over at his facebook page at!/RobotechMiniatures

Also I'm submitting a kicksatarter to get Red Duke Gaming up and running.. More info soon!!

Thanbks everyone for all your support. Now we are averaging around 100 hits a day down from the 2000 hits in three days for the initial TGN article. Did you catch the latest Robotech Battles information on the D6Generation Podcast? I puchased a small ad for episode 99, but beside that they mentioned us in their "What's in the News" section.. I guess a grassroots advertising campaign can work..

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Mecha Ace said...

Cool, I'll look forward to the kickstarter. Haven't supported one before, you might be the first.