Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Clarifications, Progress and Trolls

Excalibur Warhamer which is it?
Ok, So we think that we are on to something. A big something.. Jon Paulson and myself are working together to see a dream of ours become a reality. If your reading this I guess that you would have an interest in seeing this project happen. I have recently seen this blog site reach 3,000 hits and I never thought that would happen in a year let alone three weeks. Jon's miniature page has just hit 20,000 page hits for his outstanding miniatures.
A Tabletop miniatures game based on the License Robotech. Here in the US it has to be Robotech, not Macross or any of the current Macross related releases. Just Robotech. But under that umbrella of Robotech you get a very big world to play in. For starters you get The Macross Saga (which is where Robotech Battles Currently resides in), then you get the Second Robotech war with the Robotech Masters versus the Southern Cross, The Invid invasion where the invid claim the planet and humanity fights back and then you have the Shadow Chronicles. You can also add other offshoot occurances such as the Malcontent Uprisings, histories pulled from game and RPG adaptations and then there is the Sentinels histories. So you see there is a ton of History and Fluff to the Universe. We will be getting to these remaining timelines all in due time. We need to focus on getting the ball rolling and licensing first. To produce a game you have to start somewhere. I started at the begining with the first half (or so) of the first Robotech War. There were a few items that were purposely omitted from the rules and the initial playtests so that way I wasn't overloaded with things to design. Several people have pointed out certain omissions with the rules as they stand currently. Some of the ommissions include the Mac II - Monster, the excalibur (Warhammer to the BT guys), the scout Battle Pod, and super Veritechs to name a few. Well I will be adding these Mechs and others to the rosters but I need to follow the timeline in the series a bit. The Excalibur and the Scout pod will  be seen soon in the next rules update and in future scenario designs. The next version of the rules (version 1.5) is on my desk and being revised to include the 1/285 scale that we have decided to use and overall design tweeks to make the game better to play and understand. The other missing mechs will be added to the line as further releases and rules are developed. They just don't need to be introduced yet with the current rule set. We want to see the current game and line of miniatures start small so that the lines can build on themselves. Producing too much in a small time frame is a recipe for disaster and will be a nightmare to produce. This is still dependant on if we get the green light to run with our project. All we want is the Agreement to move forward. We are in talks with Palladium because they are the ones that hold licence with Harmony Gold to produce Robotech Roleplaying games. Producing Tabletop miniatures Games is not something Palladium has done before but they seem to be interested in the project and Want to discuss it with us. I feel the need to clarify one point here is that Palladium is graciously talking with us to see what we can do to get this project going. Thank you Palladium Books for taking the time to speak with us.
Lastly, I just want to touch on a subject that has had a negative effect to almost every forum and website that has ever been created. the Troll... the guy that has nothing better to do except talk negatively about things that he has NO business talking about. Didn't you ever hear the phrase "if you have nothing good to say, it's better to say nothing at all", this applies to Trolls.. For everyone else, we welcome your comments both good and critical. We want to make a solid game and high quality miniatures, so your suggestions are welcome and your support is appreciated.
Playtesters Wanted.

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My only complaint is that you inconsiderately exist in the timeline where I'm not able to buy this already. You monsters.