Monday, March 5, 2012

Discussions on a Robotech Miniatures Game

Exciting Times are Here!!  -  Use your turn signals!!

Help Us Get the game moving further.. Tell your gamer buddies and tell your friends.. Tell Harmony Gold.. Spread the word.. Join these and other forums, and become a member here. I like the idea of getting more hits on the website.. I'm seeing great numbers recently (around 400 hits a month) and it makes me very satisfied knowing that people are stopping in and are interested in seeing how things are progressing. I would like to request that you can add a comment or two. Feedback is greatly appreciated (good or bad = better game for you) For example: Thank you Scott for the great Comment you posted on Saturday (3/3/12).

I realize that that hasn't been much new content, but their are reasons... I think I can tell people a little more of whats happening.

We are talking with Palladium Books about the project. We need their Help to get our much needed foot in the door for the Licensing of the project. They already are on good terms with Harmony Gold and they are doing great things for HG. I feel that the Robotech Battles Tabletop miniatures Game can be a great step towardes further reinvigorating the Robotech Name. Palladium are developing alot of great projects dealing with the role playing side of Robotech but they are busy with their current projects. I want to see Robotech Battles move forward and alot of people want to see a robotech miniatures game be made. It's a matter of getting the word out that this is a worthwhile project to Palladium. Check out Palladium's website to read more and also add some feedback on their forums. There are even a few links mentioning us and I hope you will support both Palladium and Robotech Battles.
Also please "like" their Facebook page and let them know that your intereted in seeing Robotech Battles get made. Having you guys ask means alot more than if it comes from me.

Miniatures: What do you want to see.. I think I have told you  guys about all I can about what I want to see.. It's your turn. As I've said size matters.. but small 1/285th size is the most economical... If that is what the folks out there want then I'll make sure that my game will support it and make the game create all the battles you dreamed about growing up. The miniatures for the game are in development. They will be made and when I can talk about them further I will..
Comment all you want.. Please

Also before I forget, Check out the D6Generation Podcast for some great information on Board, Roleplaying and Miniature Games. They have done some Shout-outs for Robotech Battles in the Hollywood Minute portion. Great Stuff and "not too horrible"



Mech Dude said...

Hi Tom, I'm quite excited about the fact the game is being considered.

I've set up a project page on facebook for the miniature prototypes so people can have a look and hopefully show some support. With enough traffic and interest being expressed it is a very real possibility.

Hopefully everyone can sign on and show their support by joining as friends and leaving like comments.

Mech Dude said...

Doh! forgot the link:

Anonymous said...

1/285th scale would be awesome! Although I will admit to having alterior motives.- Neil

BDub said...

Here's my advice, coming from developing games - screw consensus! Make the game you and your close allies want to make and stay as far away from design by committee as you can. If you love it, they will love it. The goal should be to get the game to the people who agree with you, not compromising your views/designs to please the people who might be around and paying attention now.

Good luck - I for one am looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Elladrion said...

Just saw the TTGN article, I think it's fantastic that this game may become a real, licensed product. The prototypes look amazing, better than the battletech figs by far.

Bdub has a good point, you need to make a great game that YOU want to play first and foremost. Make a game as fun and solid and clean as you can, THEN release that to public scrutiny and see where it can be improved on. Playtest the heck out of it, and have a large group of playtesters, preferably tournament minded players that can really poke at any holes in the product. It'll save you from many FAQs and revisions later on if you do it to begin with.

That said, size does INDEED matter, it matters a great deal. Deffinitely go 1/285. It's a common gaming scale that many companies already produce loads of terrain for (and many gamers already have boards for). The size makes for affordable figures that still have decent detail. And, you'll get a lot of people just buying the figs to use with other game systems. GWs Inquisitor game was a flop mostly becuase of the 54mm scale, and Heavy Gear was originally made with mechs the size of space marine dreadnoughts and it did so badly they had to redo the scale to 12mm (which makes the mechs about the same size as battletech figs). Big models are cool, but it's a very hard sell.