Thursday, March 15, 2012

Soooo The good news.. I posted an article to Tabletop Gaming News:

This blog exploded to about 160 hits in the first hour of the article release... at the time of posting this (roughly 7 hours later) - 570 hits - I can't thank everyone enough!!

The better news - I'm working with Paulson Games to get the miniatures produced. The minis look AMAZING!!!/RobotechMiniatures
The great news.... Palladium is reviewing the project and are excited about it.
More Info to come.. Stay tuned!

Here was the full article I sent to Tabletop Gaming News: It got chopped up alot before it was posted..

Hello Everyone, My name is Thomas Roache, PE. I'm the developer putting together Robotech Battles a 3D tabletop miniatures skirmish game. Myself and Jon Paulson are looking for interest in a Tabletop Game and Miniatures set in the Robotech Universe.

Here is a little blurb to get the ball rolling about my game..

"Welcome to the Tabletop Miniatures Skirmish Game based on Robotech from the Japanese version of the Anime Series Macross. Robotech Battles is a 3D Tabletop Skirmish Game where you can either be human or the alien Zentradi in the First Robotech War. You are the RDF pilot in control of Devastating Transformable Mecha battling for the earth’s survival, or the alien commander in control of the hordes of giant aliens bent on war and domination. Aerial Dogfights, missile trails filling the sky, and Mecha on Mecha combat give you the player, a taste of the Robotech Universe. Play out your favorite scenes from the Robotech series in this skirmish game where the fate of the First Robotech war can be decided on the results of your battles."

Jon Paulson of Paulson Games, has been developing several prototype miniatures for Robotech. Is a casting company that produces a range of miniatures and parts used for wargaming.

Both Jon and myself have approched Palladium Games with the hopes of producing Quality Miniatures and getting a quality game produced for everyone that enjoys Robotech.

On to the big news:

Talks with Palladium concerning a Robotech Miniatures Game and a Robotech Miniatures line. Here is the quote from Palladium:

● Palladium has been approached by two different people about making a Robotech® miniatures game. We are currently entertaining the possibilities.

Original article is here with a follow up:
March 8th update

We are talking with Palladium Books about the project. We need their Help to get our much needed foot in the door for the Licensing of the project. Both Jon and I believe a solid Robotech Miniatures game is long over due and would get a lot of notice if we can get the word out. We've always wanted to see Robotech on the Tabletop and we hope you have also. All we are asking is that you take a minute and show your support for getting A Robotech Tabletop Miniatures game and a line of amazing miniatures produced; Let Kevin at Palladium know that your interested in seeing this happen. So please make sure to go on their forums and on facebook and leave them a comment saying: yes I want a game and those minis!

Follow up on Palladiums forums palladium-forums and also on their facebook page here:

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Mecha Ace said...

Just found this today, and must say I'm very excited. I'll be following with baited breath, inbetween touting this on my blog to my meagre followers